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Hello all,Just wondering if anyone knows of a driving school in Luxembourg (for a standard car license, not for trucks/motorbike) where the driving instructor in the car speaks very good english (or event native) ? Not worried about written exams/questions as I actually already have a license; it is just that I have not driven for so long (and never in Europe actually) and want to make sure I am all up to speed with all the latest rule and want 2-4 hours driving experience in the back streets/round abouts (never driven in one), priority to the right,....Any help appreciated.Cheers

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Hi, It's my partner's birthday next month and she'd like to have a reg number with her initials. Would someone know how and where to get this and if at all possible without paying a crazy price. I guess I have to register the car again.

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I have a VW Golf 1.8 petrol, year 2001. It has a full service history but my fanbelt continues to make a terrible noise. I did have a recent service at my local garage (all makes). It did work for a couple of weeks, then terrible noise again. Any idea? before I go again and ... pay again!

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good afternoon anglo info readers,Was wondering if anybody knows what was happening at the frontier of luxembourg yesterday we were travelling back from luxembourg to france and on the oposite side, direction luxembourg there was a lot of lorries blocked until hettange grande,which was also blocking the normal traffic and it was causing a massive traffic jam,was just interested to know what had happened ;have a good day everyone on this lovely sunny day.

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I was on the motorway yesterday afternoon coming back from Belgium to Luxembourg and was stucked in a traffic jam around Arlon. Is there any traffic info radio for Luxembourg, possibly in English or in French or German?

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HiI'm wanting to go on a shopping and sightseeing trip to Cologne next weekend but someone has just pointed out to me I need one of these low emission permits to drive into most of the big cities. I had a look at the German website on the subject and you can buy them online but it doesn't say how long it takes to come through in the post.Is there anywhere in Luxembourg or close to the border in Germany I can pick one up?

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I have been controlled by the police last night. All was OK, but they told me that I HAVE to change my licence for a Luxembourg one. I think I've read somewhere that it's not a requirement, but they were quite convincing. Has anyone experienced this?

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I've noticed that most locals like to clean their car on Sunday. Not my favorite thing to do on a Sunday though! Do you know where I can get my car valeted? Inside and outside. Carpets, leather seats, waxing, etc. There are carwashs offering a simple wash and hoover and the one washing without water, but I want a really comprehensive job done. Back to "as new" condition. Any ideas?

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My car is almost four years and I was told when I last serviced it (3 months ago) that I have to do a control technique. Can anyone tell me what this is, where should I go and what is involved, please? Do I have to go personally or can I ask someone else to go on my behalf-

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I bought a new car (hmmm, second hand) and I'd like a personalised reg number. I can't find anything such as the ads in the Times. Where should I go or is there a specialised magazine? I must also bear in mind the cost!

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I am planning to buy a second hand car and was wondering whether it wouldn't be better to buy it either in Germany or in France and import it. Prices look much lower in neighbouring countries and I a bit cash constrained. Has anyone tried this. Good idea, bad idea? or even insane?

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Is renting a car a good thing to do while visiting Luxembourg? I usually only travel by train or public transport.

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I was caught this morning at 76 instead of 50 on the road along the railway in Bertrange - a dead area, but still limited at 50. The police did not take my license nor requested a payment but said it would go to court. Has anyone an idea of the potential outcome, whether driving suspension and what to expect in terms of fine? Hopefully, all car documents and the insurance were OK.

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Hi everyone, Moving to Lux next January for my company, I am wondering if anyone would now about importing my UK registered car into Luxembourg. Any advice appreciated!

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Is it easy to find a drop off parking spot at Findel airport or is it better to take a taxi from town? My friend should stay 1 hour or so. I've been told that check-in is fairly quick. True?

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I have read the weather forecast for the week-end and was wondering how it's like in Luxembourg when it's snowing. I haven't changed my tyres as all shops ran out of stock last month.

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Is it true that the Adolphe bridge will be closed and a new bridge will be built? Or is it a Luxembourg joke?

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A friends said I'm mad to want to drive because parking is expensive and I should use public tranport but I'm a CAR kinda person. I heard somewhere about a park and shuttle bus sytem, is that true? does anyone use it? Wheer does it operate from and how does it work? Thanks!

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