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Soon we will make a trip from Paris to Luxembourg, specifically to Vianden, we want to visit the castle, and they have recommended several places to visit and stay, but we have a doubt about this hotel in Vianden "Auberge de l'Our" due to the different criticisms it has on Google, but it seems that they refer to the restaurant that they are not the same owners ... Can someone from the area tell me something about it?Thank you very much!

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Dear all.If anyone need a baby sitting, cleaning and ironing then contact me. i speak english and french.i am looking for part time job.for more informationcontact me at:  friday9@yahoo.com.thank you.

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My partner and I will be moving to Lux and we're debating on whether to bring her mother along to look after our daughter.  She won't have the normal visa like us, so I was wondering what we can do in relation to the 90 day stay - 180 day out...  Any suggestions?

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Hi,Recent arrivals (French/English) looking for crèche/nanny/baby sitter who can look after our daughter (3 years old) from circa 7/7.30am dependent on location and drop off at school in Bel Air at 8.15am. The school has an after school club but does not provide options before school.  Any ideas welcome as currently struggling!!Many thanksNeil

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Hi there - I have two children on the ASD spectrum - one is a non-verbal four year old and the other is verbal and in mainstream school in Ireland but has behavioural issues that have been diagnosed as ASD-related.  We are considering a move to Lux and wondering if anyone has any comment that they can share with me on schools and services in Luxembourg that they can share with me?  Please feel free to pm as I certainly understand the sensitivity in a public forum as we are looking for very honest feedback.  Kind regards,Jeff

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Hello,Please contact me if you would like help and support with learning or improving English or success with English Cambridge Exams. I am fully trained, experienced and approchable with many resources at my finger- tips! For all ages from toddlers to adults!

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If you are searching for a dedicated and compassionate nanny for permanent full-time job with an immaculate track records I would make a valuable addition.I can offer extensive experience in all forms of childcare, errands, and general housekeeping. My professional background enables me to make a significant difference for you and your children.I am highly skilled in caring for children of all ages. This includes bathing, dressing, feeding, setting up formulas, and changing diapers. I have 5 years of experience in babysitting. I excel at Engaging children with games, puzzles, and nature walks,have the passion to work with children and enjoy the part of watching them grow up. I take my responsibilities seriously. You can contact me by phone: 661 456 333  or email: mirnaalt56@gmail.com 

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Anybody knows any English speaking (not English learning) summer camp for kids (12 year old) in Luxembourg or surrounding countries?I would much appreciate any tips you might have.

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Hi everybody,My son goes to private crèche Luciole. I was surprised that crèche was closed for entire 2 weeks from 24th of Dec through 8th of January. I also received their schedule for 2017 and noticed some extra days when they just decided to add to the public holidays and also 2 weeks during December. This is super inconvenient for me as these are not public holidays and I need to look for alternative childcare during this time as we both work 100%. In addition to that they want me to pay them for these days just as my son would have been attending. I was told that private crèche is not allowed to close unless during official public holidays, but I could not find any references to the law. Can anybody advice, reference to a specific legislation or any other thoughts which might be helpful?thx,Olga

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Any suggestions?  Mid term break next week and we need to find something to occupy the kids for Wednesday 2/10/16 and Thursday 3/10, or a nanny to look after them. My search so far hasn't found anything either available, or reasonably priced.  Thanks in advance for any help!

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If you are looking for a professional academic coach to unlock your child's talent, contact me. Certified academic coach and brain-based coach, my international experience in education will allow me to offer a deeper learning support to your child. Sophie Le DornerEmail: mindmattershub@gmail.comhttp://mindmattershub.weebly.com/

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I am a teacher of Dyslexic kids and have been doing the work for about 10 years.I hold a Orton -Gillingham tutor Certificate and I am familiar with Dyslexia Intervention Program(DIP). I offer after School tutoring and homeschooling too. If you want to talk further , do not hesitate to contact me.email:ngilsous@gmail.comtel:691546067

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I noticed that this school is missing from the directory. There is a new International school in Differdange. It is a free, publicly funded, school. There are two main streams, French and English. The teachers and the leadership of the school are just excellent. http://portal.education.lu/eid/

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Hello,We just moved to Luxembourg City and are looking for a gym / fitness club with a creche, i.e., a place where parents can go and work out and someone will look after our little one for an hour. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Kind regards, Henry

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Hello,  I am a  dedicated educator who is well qualified to provide  the motivation and direction to students. I hold a Bachelor and a Master degree.I have had the opportunity to teach a diverse group of young and adult students from different corners of the world and various subjects, from school to university levels.I can provide homeschooling, help with the subjects in school such as History, Geography, Philosophy, Geology, English Drama and Literature, Greek (Modern and Ancient), Latin , English Language, as well as extracurricular lessons such as Media English, Culture, Archaeology, National and World Heritage  for a wider and more rounded education of your child. I have developed phenomenal communication, interpersonal ,organisational and time management and leadership skills.Furthermore.I personally prepare the classes and I provide various worksheets each class for the better comprehension and motivation of the kids.If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me so we can talk further.Best wishesNan

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Girlguiding gives girls and young women aspace where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gainvaluable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and theircommunities. There is a strong Girlguiding community in Luxembourg and we havegroups to suit all ages from Rainbows for younger girls aged 5-7, Brownies forgirls aged 7-10 and finally Guides for girls aged 10-14 and the senior sectionfor girls over 14 years old.  Rainbows and Brownies run every Tuesday afternoon interm time, and we are based about 15 minutes drive away from St.George’s.  If you would like to find outmore about Rainbows or Brownies then please contact Rainbows: 2luxembourgrainbows@gmail.com Brownies: 2luxbrownies@gmail.comFor Guides and the Senior section or tovolunteer then please get in touch at dcluxembourg@gmail.com Furtherinformation about the wider girl guiding community can be found at: www.girlguiding.org.uk

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Hi,I'm looking for a tutor specialized in working with dyslexic children (preferably a native or near-native English speaker) who could work with my 7-year-old, initially over the summer, and eventually after school in the fall. I've tried various Luxembourg administrations as well as the Luxembourg Dyslexia Association, but they were unable to recommend someone working with English- speaking children. Thanks for any pointers!

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Hello everyone, We arelooking for an experienced, reliable andaffectionate person to (i)pick up from school/crèche and (ii) undertake the afternoon care ofour two daughters(4 years and 1 year). Start date: 1.9.2016 Workingtime: afternoons, on average 4 hours per day, 3-5 days per week. The work would be registered. Special Requirements: 1. Language: English, German or Greek.2. Driving license. If interested, please contact me at 621361964.Many thanks,Katerina  

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We would like to start homeschooling in Luxembourg and we would like to hear from you are in this system.  We know that this is legal in Luxembourg and we know the three languages (Luxembourgish, French and German) if required.  Our children are Luxembourgers.  Is there a curriculum required by the Luxembourg government? Or can we provide them the curriculum and international school affiliation?Many thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

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I am looking for a responsible English speaking babysitter (native or with a very good level of English), with own car, to support us in taking care of our girls (7 and 5 years old) on a part-time basis (13/15 hours per week+some evenings). The babysitter  will have to pick up our daughters at school, drive them home/activities and watch over them until return of parents. We are located in Strassen.

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