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Do you want to learn or improve German? Do you need a German tutor for your kids? Don't look further. I am a fully trained native language teacher working freelanced here in Luxembourg, providing customized lessons for adults and kids. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for a quote. Looking forward to hearing from you.Sincerely,Ulrikeu.hopfgartner@gmx.net

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We are moving to LUX this summer and will be enrolling out toddler in a daycare (creche?) - does anyone know the policies on sending cloth nappies to daycare? 

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Hi all!I recently moved to Lux and as local maternity benefits system totally differs from the system of previous country of living, I am wondering about how it works here. I already found terms of benefits for employed moms, but for unemployed it only says:  " payments are given 8 weeks before and 8 weeks after birth".  Is the amount of the payment fixed? If yes, does it depend from which criteria? (income of the family, etc?) What  the approxmate ranges of amounts are?Thank you in advance

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Hello everyone:-) I have one small question. Me and my son (2years) arrived here before 2 months. We visited the doctor last Friday and we find that we are missing 2 vacines.My son has been vacinated in my native country.I must start working and I need to send him to creche.Do you think that he will not be accepted in creche becouse he is missing two vacines?   Thank you!

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Hello, For a research project, we are looking for students:- bewteen 14 and 16 years old - and who are fluent in english. They will have to evaluate a first version of a computer-based assessment software. To thank them for their participation, they will receive 50 euros. If you want further information: sodoub@gmail.com Thanks!  

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Hi,  My family will stay for less than a year and since the government schools are all in French (cannot afford english school), would it be possible if you tell the commune that one parent (not workign) can teach your 5 year old kid at home in this case? or what will be the penality in case you don't send or take her out after a month or two? will you still receive the child benefits or is it immediatly blocked? Thanks

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Hello, I have one question. Does the monthly cost (gained with Service Cheque) differs from creche to creche?

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Hi , does anyone know of a hall to hire in Luxembourg city for a kid's birthday party? thanks 

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Hello everyone!!! Could you recommend me a good pediatrician?I need someone who is willing to establish a relatioship with my child and who will give answers to my questions...Shortly-a professsional.My boy is getting sick quite often so I need someone that I can trust completly. Thank you very much!!!

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Hello I am looking for a maths tutor for a 6th year European school student, standard level. Please contact me if you can help or can recommend someone.

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Hello, I am looking for a native or with a very good level of English speaking nanny or babysitter for my 5 years old son in Steinsel. He speaks some English and the goal is to improve it, while playing or simply communicating a lot. The person should be available for two times per week on Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon from 3 till 6pm. In addition the person should have a valid driving license and own car.  Thanks, Nikolay P

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I offer an old Bugaboo Frog Stroller&Pram Combination for 170€. Only personal pick up in Strassen - you can see it before you buy and I don't have to look for a big box. :-) It is ready to be used again, but old (and worn after 4 children), that's why the price would be is so low.  Bought in Netherlands, it has their "national colours" - orange and dark blue/or violet, if you wish. The blue/violet colour, which is inside, and has faded away considerably. Otherwise, it shows proper functions. The material has an additional impregnation against rain, I actually didn't use the plastic raincoat at all. The hand-brake of this model is not very strong, one shall park the stroller safely. I also hand you over the Bugaboo accessories: - a plastic raincoat (I've never used), - a sunshade (or umbrella), - a basic summer inlay and - a perfectly warm and cosy warm winter inlay (just great). About three years ago, we changed one wheel and a brake. Both are Bugaboo original spare-parts. When we asked Bugaboo, where we can buy a new brake cable, they sent it to us from UK to Luxembourg for free. :-) If we had one more child, we would probably change the front wheels, because the springs are quite old and might not be reliable for a long time more. Suitable for a child right from the birth (0% angel for newborns) up to 2-3 years. Very light, if you consider getting into the bus with it, and very space-saving when folded in the car too. I have been very happy using it.

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Hi, I am selling the following items: a Maclaren Quest stroller (Black/Champagne) in great condition Micro scooter - Blue for kids between 1.5 - 5 years old Baby Bjorn - Baby Carrier Original - Blue - in original packaging almost brand new I can send you pictures if you are interested. Petya

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Hi, I was wondering if one can still receive child benefits from luxembourg if they reside in a border city (arlon/trier/thionville etc) and Non-european, or will they immediately stop your child benefits if you change your address or leave the school. Thanks,   

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Hi All, I recently moved to live on the border of Germany / Luxembourg - that is on the German side. I have read all the discussion points which are really helpful. does anyone know if parents can claim a children's allowance if you work in Luxembourg, but live in Germany Or is this one of the disadvantages of living in Germany, but living in Luxembourg? thanks for your information.

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Hi, I'm  looking for ideally a Mandarin/English/French speaking nanny/babysitter.  I have two children 4 & 6 native English speakers but also speak mandarin.  Looking to retain their Mandarin. Please be open to possible travel around Europe for some weekends & holidays.  Open to entertaining French/English speaking nannies.  Schedule will be twice a week 3pm to 6pm. 2 Friday evenings a month.  Thanks! Tamara W

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Whilst I am on my soapbox, would someone tell me why other parents (yes I do have kids) allow thier 'Little Darlings' to run around like maniacs in a restaurant, annoying everyone else in the restaurant whilst they ignre them and get their meal in peace.  I have just walked out of a restaurant with a friend this lunchtime due to this and it is not the first time it has happened.  If you can't be bothered to discipline your kids don't kick off when someone else does.

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Aller Badminton Club Summer Holiday Program Monday to Friday at 14.00 to 16.00 Week 1: July 27- July 31 Week 2: August 24- August 28 Week 3: August 31- September 4   Suitable for all abilities, from ages 5 and over. Any ONE Week = €140 (€28 per day) 5 days Any TWO Weeks = €260 (€26 per day) 10 days All THREE Weeks = €360 (€24 per day) 15 days   3 weeks Incudes a gift of your own set of rackets to take home! For extra siblings during the same weeks, enjoy a 25 % discount for the second child! Refer a Friend and you both sign up for the same weeks, Get 10 % discount each!   Our normal rate for a 2 hour session is €30 so take advantage of this incredible offer! Email aller.sports@gmail.com or call May on +352661271653 to reserve https://www.facebook.com/allerbadminton    

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Hi there! Can anyone recommend activities in English for my four-year-old in Luxembourg city? I have been looking in vain for activities, in which he can encounter other English speakers his age and interact in an English-speaking setting outside of home. Thanks in advance! Angel

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Hello. I'm moving to Luxembourg this summer with my family. We have 2 kids age 12 and 15. We are looking for schools ( english speaking) Any recomendations? We are looking into ISL, EUROPEAN SCHOOL, ST. GEORGE SCHOOL, LYCEE MICHEL LUCIUS and Lycee Athenee.  Thanks,   daniela

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