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Hi  We live in Steinsel and are looking for a reliable, exprienced babysitter for a 9 month old baby for either a tuesday or wednesday evening every week. It would be for  3- 4 hours only from 7.30pm. Qualifications in early childcare or sound references and an interest in babies would be favourable as well as own transport or living close to Steinsel required for ease of getting home. At least English and or French language required. If this sounds like you or someone you know please do not hesitate to contact me here or on emma@ejb.io. Thanks Emma  

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Hallo everyone, i arrived in Luxembourg a while ago and would like to start working. I have experience in taking care of elderly people  ( graduated nurse).I  will appreciate your feedback at the telephone number 00352621192887.  

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English speaking Mother of 3 will babyit your child in your home. children any age. Please call me if you need help. 621615800 snamuyanja@yahoo.com  

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Hi, Does anyone knows where to send my child to a football school in Luxembourg city? Thanks, Agnese

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Dear futur mum, I am nearly 7 months pregnant and I would like to do some yoga class with a teacher from Howald, Sandrine Christophe who operates also in Bohler, the thing is that we could to share the hour with 1 or 2 other pregnant women...about same period of pregnancy.   It is 50 euros the hour, that we could split 1 or 2 times.   Thanks for your interest!   Myriam

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Hello, If you are interested to learn the flute, please feel free to contact me on this email  flute.cours@yahoo.com I have 9 years experience as a flute teacher in music school and I have worked with kids aged from 5 to 18 years. Right now I'm teaching flute in music school in Luxembourg, but I give also private lessons for children and adults. I teach recorder as well - this is an instrument called flûte à bec in french. It is smaller then flute and easier instrument for beginners. If this is interesting for you or your child please contact me :-)  

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Hello, We may have to relocate to Luxembourg for Sept or Jan.  I am looking online at schools but it is so difficult to gauge anything as websites are not always developed for state schools.  Obviously I know St. George's follows the British curriculum but I'd love to give my daughters (year 3 going into year 4, aged nearly 8 and Kindergarten going into year 1) the chance to learn some languages. I'd appreciate any help in trying to figure out what schools would accept English speaking kids and help in knowing how to begin searching! Many thanks

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Good morning! We are moving to Lux in November from London, I have a 15month old son (he is half French and half English) but my French is appalling and I'm hoping to meet a group of English mums for socialising (with and without our little ones). Is there a groups for English expacts that I join?   Many thanks for your help! K    

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Hello. Does anyone know about gymnastic classes available for kids in preschool for the schoolyear, apart from Little Gym? We would be really interested. Thx a lot for any idea.

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Hi everyone, We're looking for a babysitter to a boy 1,5 years. Half day (5 hours actually). English speaking, Russian as a plus. Would appreciate any recomendations or advice where we can find a babysitter except this website. Thanks

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Hello everyone! We are looking for a pediatrician for our little son. Location does not matter if a doctor is professional. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you   Andy  

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French family in Luxembourg with 13 year old twins girls are looking for an English  family to form a language exchange. Please contact for additional information: francois.dorland@dorland.lu Thank you

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Hi, I've read up on the civil partnership info on this website but can anyone give me more information? Thanks :)

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Hello. We are looking for an au pair. Does anyone know any agencies or websites that they can recommend? Thank you. 

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I wanted to know if anyone knows what to do if someone want to relocat from Ireland as Irish citizen to go to stay in luxembourg please reply  

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Hello! We would like to find a responsible person (+18 yrs old) to mind our 10 month old baby, preferably someone living in the Mamer/Capellen area, and with a car.  It would just be for the evening time at weekends (19h - 00h) when the baby is usually sleeeping. Thank you    

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Hi Friends How many diapers you used per day for newborn baby ? Rgds LS

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For Sale; The iconic pushchairBugaboo Cameleon-2011 (Chassi + Sitting part) including separate Winter wheels, Raincover, spacey shopping bag, Sun/Mosquito net, warm footmuff and Travel System Adapter for Maxi Cosi + Maxicosi carseat! Laying part used for 6months, Sitting part only used one season. The stroller has been keept in the appartment, non smoking and no animals. It has a brown base with white hood, suits both girls and boys and is easy to combine with other colours. It is very easy to manouver and easy to fold and takes little place in the car. You can choose to have the baby facing to or against you. Very well taken care of, like new!!800€ for the whole package. (new price for everything approx. 1600 eur) http://www.bugaboo.com/learn/bugaboo-cameleon Please call +352 691 958 968 Best, Jennika  

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Dear all, My wife and I have a one-year baby who doesn't go to any kind of child care centres. This week, we have an appointment in the day time where children are not allowed to attend. We have no idea about the system in Luxembourg and wonder if you have any suggestion where we can leave the baby for one or two hours.   Waiting for your responses.   Best, Zohair

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Hello Does anyone know what are the rules for adoption of children in Luxembourg? What is the approx lenght of time and costs involved? I have some other questions and would love to connect with someone who has been through the process - as we are looking into this seriously, however the first 6 hours of information sessions are in French! Thanks for any help

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