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I am looking for some advice on divorce law in Luxembourg in the unlikely event that this could happen to me. My husband has just been offered a new job in Luxembourg and we are considering the offer. This is not an ex pat job, but a civil service job so we will not get the expat perks of schooling or allowances. We would move with our young family and I would leave my well paid and pensioned job in the UK to become a "house wife". The salary my husband has been offered is the same as our combined salary in the UK, so it's very appealing for us but I need to make sure that I am protected if our marriage ended in Luxembourg before I make a decision about whether to move or not. eg. If in 10 years my husband wanted a divorce, where would this leave me? Would I get half of the assets that we accumulated during our marriage in the UK and in Luxembourg? Would I get half of the pension my husband accumulated in Luxembourg during the years I gave up work? Or if I took a low paid part time job would I still be entitled to half of his pension? If my husband left me while I was in Luxembourg, what would I be entitled to? British law is far from perfect but it does give the wife security if she gives up her career to bring up a family. I wouldn't want to give up my career to move abroad and then find out if something went wrong that I wouldn't have any financial security and to not be entitled to half of the marital earnings. I have looked on this website and not found out any information about this so grateful for any advice.

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Hello all!I'm strongly evaluating the option of opening a "Schwabisch Hall - Scheme - Home Savings Plan" in BGL.  I would like to hear your review on it, would you recommend it or advise against it? Some context of my situation: I just purchased an apartment with a fixed rate 10years. My aim is to have the Swhabisch Hall scheme save-up some money with the tax benefit so that I may withdraw at the end of year 10 and pay-off whatever I can on the loan once it becomes variable-rate again. I'm married, so I will save the 224/month that the tax-benefit "allows". Thank you!

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Hello, Could someone recommend a lawyer specialized in lease contract/tenant law? I'm having problems with my apartment's landlord. Thank you!

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Hello,I am in the process of buying a property, and we gave an offer. Since the owner didnt have any other offer, she immediately accepted and the agent confirmed in email that the offer is accepted. Then we agreed to draft the "comprmise de vente". But on the day of the signing the owner received another offer and she changed her mind and is asking for us to compete (not sure how long).Do we have a  case here (as she had agreed via the agent in an email from the agency)? or do we have to get into a bidding war?Any help/advise is really appreciated.Regards,Moush

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Is this live

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If you have a UK Pension and want to know more about therecent UK Budget changes and how Brexit and the triggering of Article 50 couldaffect your pension then please register for our free evening Presentation on10th May 2017 in Luxembourg . The speaker is the head of technical planning atone of the largest Insurance companies in Europe and is a very interestingpresenter.Please email me at david.odonoghue@spectrum-ifa.com and we will inform you shortly of the location and exact time.

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Hi , are interest only mortgages available when buying a home in Luxembourg? Thanks.

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Could someone please tell what type of certification or proof of education documents after age of 18 presented to the Luxembourg Pension authorities for a person who did their studies outside the EU and Luxembourg

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Hi all,I have a question for you as after living four years in Luxembourg, I left it more than one year ago.Does anybody know whether and how I could somehow recover the contributions I paid in Luxembourg? e.g. pension fundsThanks a lot in advance, any advice or feedback is highly appreciated!Michele

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Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced company that will provide a energy certificate in order to sell a house.  After speaking to several people, it seems the price ranges from 500 - 1300 euros.  Any help much appreciated.

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Hi everyone,  I just moved to Luxembourg and I come from Spain.I was wondering what it is like trying to find a job there as an architect or interior designer with English, Spanish language skills and a bit of French. I plan on brushing up on my French from now on.Any suggestions, help and/or comments would be useful! Thanks :)

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Hello,I am a non-EU mother of a Luxembourger child (whose nationality obtained from his deceased father) . We lived in Luxembourg (and I worked) for a few years before moving outside the EU for almost 4 years.I am returning to live in Luxembourg, and I was granted a visa as a family member of an EU citizen to live in Luxembourg. My question is about social security benefits when I arrive in Luxembourg and before finding a job.  Am I eligible for any benefits?Best,Crimson.

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My husband and I have dual nationality French/American, both of us work in Luxembourg and live in France. We are looking for a financial advisor. Any recommendations are welcome! Thank you

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Hello,I hope someone can help.I instructed a Luxembourg lawyer in writing. Sadly they've not done as instructed but acted differently, this has ended up costing me. I can evidence all of thisIn the UK there exists the law society to complain to regarding lawyers, is there the equivalent in Luxembourg?Thank you very much

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Hello everyone,On the 14th of April 2015 I was, in my opinion, unfairly dismissed by my employer seated in Luxembourg. I am the member of a local trade union (OGB-L), which sent an "Einschreiben" to my employer dated the 18th of May 2015. I spent tons of time trying to discuss my case with OGB-L, nothing  really happened to date. (BTW, I would not suggest OGB-L if anyone wishes to get his/ her rights protected; they are indeed good at drawing your membership fee from your bank account but when it comes to action, they appear to be very slow-moving and incompetent).My Q is if anyone knows when I will lose all of my rights to take my ex-employer to the Labor Court? Some say it is one year, whilst others says it's three years.Thanks,Gabor

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Hi everyone,In mid-2015 I changed from being a salaried employee to being a full-time freelancer. As such, I have to fill in page 6 of the income tax form ("Bénéfice provenant de l'exercice d'une profession libérale") as well as its accompanying form 152 detailing business expenses.I pay income tax in instalments every three months - but nowhere on the income-tax form or the business-expenses form is there a box to report the tax already paid. On the "salaried occupation" page there is this box - so this amount if then taken into account when they determine how much tax you owe - but this box simply doesn't exist in the "liberal profession" page.I am scared that I will be taxed twice on my freelance income because there is no opportunity to state the amount of tax I have already paid through my quarterly instalments.Surely there must be a way of reporting this on the income-tax form somehow???Thank you so much for any help!

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So 'Foreigners can;t vote here in the elections, why the hell not after all 46% of the population here is 'Foreign' and we pay taxes too - I wonder what would happen if the 46% all stopped paying taxes, I bet they would soon change their minds - anyone else as peeved about this as I am.?

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Hi all, It's my first year in Luxembourg and the first time that I have to fill-in the tax/income statement. Could anyone be so kind as to post us some details here as to what we need to do? I am working as an employee and from what my colleagues told me: -I need to fill in this document including details from the yearly statement that I received form my employer and any tax deductible expenses that I made (kindergarden expenses, insurance expenses etc) -I need to send it by mail somewhere...   Could anyone please inform if what I stated beforehand is correct, where can we find other expenses that are tax deductible and if there are any professional services that can assist us in filling this form (and the approximate cost). Cheers all!

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Hi everyone,  I know this question has been asked several times, I've read the posts but their situation is only similar but doesn't fully answer my questions on this.  I am a working professional currently living and working in Luxembourg but is a non-EU citizen. Currently I possess the carte de sejour, as I live with my fiance who is from the UK (he can move freely through the EU), we are not Paxed or married yet but we own a place in Luxembourg.  We are planning to move to Germany and buy a place and I am wondering what would be the correct process to obtaining permits. Do we both apply for residence permits in Germany? It certainly looked a fair bit easier on the German side to apply compared to the Lux one... but with my carte de sejour from Lux would that carry any weight in terms of living in Germany? It wouldn't be so difficult for my fiance but for me as non-eu citizen, already have a job in luxembourg, would all I need to apply for is a residence permit or do I need to apply for another visa as well (dreads the thought of going though all that crazy paperwork again!)   Any thoughts or advice would be highly appreciated! ~Luria  

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Hello, I want to ask you something about tax card.My husband is working from June 2015 in Lux.We are married but i was in our native country.In August 2015 he recevide Tax Class 2 becouse he contributed 90% in the household income.I moved to Lux in November 2015 and today he received a new tax class 1 card.....How is it possible?

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