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Hello,I hope someone can help.I instructed a Luxembourg lawyer in writing. Sadly they've not done as instructed but acted differently, this has ended up costing me. I can evidence all of thisIn the UK there exists the law society to complain to regarding lawyers, is there the equivalent in Luxembourg?Thank you very much


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Hi Amina,

I used to work in Luxembourg as well. I also have a pending legal issue there. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with an answer that would help you out.
I had the same issue with the local lawyers. It appeared to me that they were very-very slow moving, I could almost say they are lazy. Lots of emails other communications remained unanswered. Once I visited an attorney who was supposed to represent my interests in my potential legal case. She brought up tons of reasons as to why I should not sue my ex-employer. In the end, I was not able to determine whether she would be acting on my behalf or my ex-employer. I stood up and cancelled our contract immediately. Unbelievable. All in all, do not expect that they work the same way as the attorneys in the Anglo-Saxon countries. There are some big firms with American/ UK background (and probably culture) but they are very-very expensive.

Sorry that I was not much of a help to you.

Gabor (Hungary)

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Gabor, I want to see a lawyer and he told me that judge are in favor of employers. We live in a world were we have to face "their justice" but not the real justice. People are awakening, let's see what will happend in the futur... Please guys, let's do everything that we can to have access to the real justice not "their justice"


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