Tax/Income Statement 2014 (Declaration pour l'impot)

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Hi all, It's my first year in Luxembourg and the first time that I have to fill-in the tax/income statement. Could anyone be so kind as to post us some details here as to what we need to do? I am working as an employee and from what my colleagues told me: -I need to fill in this document including details from the yearly statement that I received form my employer and any tax deductible expenses that I made (kindergarden expenses, insurance expenses etc) -I need to send it by mail somewhere...   Could anyone please inform if what I stated beforehand is correct, where can we find other expenses that are tax deductible and if there are any professional services that can assist us in filling this form (and the approximate cost). Cheers all!


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If you only earn a single salary and don't own property, it's quite straight-forward to fill in your tax declaration. Mostly just copying the figures from your salary statement plus any deductions like insurance (for which you'll probably also receive a certificate in the post).

At this time of year, there's a book available from newsagents / book shops (in French) explaining what to do.

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You can also have a look at AngloINFO Information pages on taxes here:

 If you think you require additional advice, you'll find some useful references here as well:



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everyone is right that it is fairly simple once you have sorted out the basics.  What I WOULD recommend (which is what I did) is have an accountant help you fill it in the first time (I seem to recall the fees are deductible).  Then you are SURE you have covered all the bases and you have somethng that you can then copy year after year.

I did this the first time and the money I spent on the accountant I recouped in a refund so it was well worth the time and trouble.



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Hi and thank you for the response!

Could you post accountant details and perhaps the rates that you paid?

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Any accountant contact info who can help out with this, for the year 2015? We have some issues with the deductions part.



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