Where to report tax already paid in "Profession Légale" section?

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Hi everyone,In mid-2015 I changed from being a salaried employee to being a full-time freelancer. As such, I have to fill in page 6 of the income tax form ("Bénéfice provenant de l'exercice d'une profession libérale") as well as its accompanying form 152 detailing business expenses.I pay income tax in instalments every three months - but nowhere on the income-tax form or the business-expenses form is there a box to report the tax already paid. On the "salaried occupation" page there is this box - so this amount if then taken into account when they determine how much tax you owe - but this box simply doesn't exist in the "liberal profession" page.I am scared that I will be taxed twice on my freelance income because there is no opportunity to state the amount of tax I have already paid through my quarterly instalments.Surely there must be a way of reporting this on the income-tax form somehow???Thank you so much for any help!


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