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Hi everyone,  I know this question has been asked several times, I've read the posts but their situation is only similar but doesn't fully answer my questions on this.  I am a working professional currently living and working in Luxembourg but is a non-EU citizen. Currently I possess the carte de sejour, as I live with my fiance who is from the UK (he can move freely through the EU), we are not Paxed or married yet but we own a place in Luxembourg.  We are planning to move to Germany and buy a place and I am wondering what would be the correct process to obtaining permits. Do we both apply for residence permits in Germany? It certainly looked a fair bit easier on the German side to apply compared to the Lux one... but with my carte de sejour from Lux would that carry any weight in terms of living in Germany? It wouldn't be so difficult for my fiance but for me as non-eu citizen, already have a job in luxembourg, would all I need to apply for is a residence permit or do I need to apply for another visa as well (dreads the thought of going though all that crazy paperwork again!)   Any thoughts or advice would be highly appreciated! ~Luria  


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I can't help with the German part of your question, I think maybe you should make a visit to the Commune where you are buying your property and make some enquiries.

For the Luxembourg side, when you leave to take up residence in Germany, it is necessary to visit the Commune in which you are resident at present.  There will be a form to complete (called "Changement de Résidence Départ") and they will take back your Carte de Sejour since you will no longer be resident in Luxembourg.  

I hope this helps a little.



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Thank you, I'll take this into consideration.

I'll also be emailing the embassy for more info on advice from my colleague.



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