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We are about to buy a house that we would take over in July 2016. The real estate agent tries to get us to do the notary procedure as soon as possible rather than closer to the date when we will get the keys and pay 50% of the price now and 50% when we get the keys. I understand that the real estate firm and the owners want to have money as soon as possible for their next project. But the family concerned would live 4-5 months in a house legally ours without paying more than a modest indemnity of 75€. Is this a common practice when the hand over is several months into the future?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking notaire who can help my wife and I to make wills legal in Luxembourg? Roy Moore

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Does any institution provide any financial help to the unemployed (previously not working in Lux) ?

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Is there any bank in Luxembourg that would be able to provide a mortgage if you cannot show a permanent (indefinite) employment contract? My wife and I have good incomes but one of us has a contract which has to be renewed yearly. ING has turned us down and if all banks will do the same we can save the humility of going around and ask them.

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Hi Anyone receiving a UK or Belgiun pension? Although  both UK and Belgium have a double tax agreements with Luxembourg, I understand there can be exceptions, so I wanted to make sure I will not be double taxed by both countries.   Any help on this issue gratefully received.  

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Dear all, Our lease contract is written for one year where notice should be given 1.5 months ahead of the end of period in order to not have automatic prolongation. We would, however, like to terminate the contract earlier if possible. I have not really been able to figure out if there is a way (except if we need to leave the country) to do this. Please advice.  

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Dear all, I am sure one of you would be able to answer my question below. I am a Non-EU worker in Luxembourg. I finished my studies in Uiversity of Luxembourg. Therefore I have 2 years of working visa under so called- article 59. It is due to expire soon and I am asked to apply for general working permit/visa for Non-EU, inwhich case I'll have lo leave Luxembourg and aplly from my home country. Could anyone please advise me how shall I minimize the lenght of stay in my home country and what it takes from the employer side? For exaple to prove that they cannot find anyome with my skill from EU or etc etc. I thanks you very much for your kidn assiatcne in advance.        

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Is it just me or am I right in thinking that the banks don't listen,  I have been a good customer with a bank here for several years, however this morning I asked for rather a large amount (few thousand euros in cash) to be given to me and was told I would have to await 'clearance'  - why?  it is my money?  Despite arguing with them till I was Blue in the face the cashier refused and told me to collect it in 48 hours - has anyone else experienced this? I felt like a criminal.

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My Credit card was fraudulently used on tripadvisor by someone and I am trying to understand my rights. I have never ever made a purchase on trip advisor. I am surprised that despite the 3D Secure - Secure Code technology this transaction of 2.500 EUR was possible. Its a mastercard issued by Certel/BGL BNP Paribas. I have disputed the transaction that happened 3 days back, but the bank seems unsure if the money can be clawed back or it can take months. It seems that at the statement date i am edpected to make the payment in full. Shouldnt i be covered against such fraud? Is there any overseeing body/ombudsman who can help.

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What's the situation re faulty goods here in Luxembourg? I bought a new coffee machine from a local store. It has never worked properly, has been back to the store 3 times, each time they say it's fixed but it isn't. They refused to exchange it or give me my money back. In the UK I could quote the Sale of Goods Act, or go to a Trading Standards office. Is there an equivalent organisation here? Any help/advice much appreciated!!

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Hello all, I got a job in Lux and now looking for an apartment, but heard that in Germany prices for rent are low so that could be an option for us. But if I am a non-EU resident  so I am concerned if it's legal to rent a flat in Germany and work in Luxembourg (I am in a process to get a residence permit in Lux now). For EU residents it's ok but what about non EU residents? Are there any sources to find out such info? Will appreciate any comments   Andy

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Can anyone recommend a notary for a real estate transaction? thanks

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I have just seen the report in WORT  whch quotes as follows: "Luxembourg teachers unions have threatened a strike should Education Minister Claude Meisch fail to withdraw plans for a controversial savings package. Some 93.7 percent of teachers voted against the savings package, negotiated between the ministry and unions, but which the unions swiftly discredited.  Under the plans, supervision hours were to be restructured to free up more teaching hours. Additionally, weekly free hours for teachers aged 45, 50 and 55 or over were to be replaced with related tasks, such as tutoring, mentoring for teacher trainees or other school projects. Only teachers aged over 60 would actually be given the time off. " EXCUSE ME! but does Luxembourg not adhere to the EU laws on ageism or yet again are they a rule unto themselves.  Why should their be different rules for a teacher aged over 60 - they probably are the best qualified and could perform the required duties standing on their heads.  What do others members think of this?  Especially any teachers.  (http://ec.europa.eu/justice/discrimination/files/age_and_employment_en.pdf)

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Hello, would appreciate some advise. I have moved out of a rented appartment last September, and am still trying to get back my deposit. The landlord said that she is keeping 800 euro back as there may be extra charges for the building, however it has been over 6 months... Is it legal? Who can I contact to consult? Any advise is much appreciated.

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I'm wondering if anyone can help at all. I work as a flight attendant for a Luxembourg based and registered company, though I live in the UK and fly all over the world. I pay tax and assurance sociale in Luxembourg. I became pregnant last year and in June requested 6 month conge parental, full time to start after my conge maternite finished in March 2010.I heard nothing back from the CNPF until they wrote to me at the end of February (a month after my baby was born) saying they would not pay me conge parental as I did not live and physically work in Luxembourg up to the day my baby was born.I appealed to the comite directeur with the help of a Luxembourg based lawyer who rejected my appeal on the same grounds.I am now awaiting a response from the conseil arbitral.The CNPF has in the past paid conge parental to other flight attendants living outside of Luxembourg, but they stopped last year, probably due to the financial crisis.My employers were good enough to allow me to take 6 months unpaid leave instead. But I am the main breadwinner and we are living off my savings, which are running out.My lawyer has told me that under Luxembourg law I am definitely entiteld to conge parental under article L.234-42 (2) of the Code du Travail: Par dérogation aux dispositions du paragraphe 1er, alinéa 2, deuxième tiret, les salariés occupés auprès d'une entreprise légalement établie au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg et dont l'activité normale se déroule sur le territoire luxembourgeois sont admis au bénéfice du congé parental lorsqu'ils sont détachés sur un lieu de travail situé à l'étranger au moment de la naissance ou de l'adoption de l'enfant.I cannot afford the lawyer any more so I am just waiting the response from my latest appeal.I just find it so hard to believe that a European government can deny workers their rights and get away with it!If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.Kind regards,AH

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The worst has happened to me, and now I find myself in the middle of a divorce. My wife cheated on me, and we agreed to try to make a new life in another country. I moved first, but a few months later she changed her mind and decided to stay in Luxembourg. She has now filed divorce "par faute" against me, and I'm completely shocked by the filing. There is no mention of her affiar, no mention of how she wanted to have a second affair with a second man. I am cast as the one who "left the matrimonial household" because I moved to another country, but no mention is being made about the fact that we jointly agreed to leave Luxembourg and start a life in a new country. Not to mention the financial claims being made, which are ruinously one-sided. This really hurts because the only reason I left my home of 10 years in Luxembourg was because I wanted our relationship to work that badly. I trusted this person with my livelihood and now she's turned into someone I don't know anymore. Now I'm 6 time zones away and I don't know what to do. I have a May court date when I'm supposed to appear in front of the judge with just one family member and one friend. I have a hundred friends and colleagues who will vouch for my character and motivations, but that doesn't seem to be a possibility to have the judge hear from them if they can't accompany me to court! What are my options? Anyone know a good lawyer for this kind of thing? I'm American, but I speak French and some Luxembourgish so I'm flexible on the language.

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I wondered if anyone has made a will here in Lux and could give me some info on their experience? I have read the info on here about wills but wanted some more practical info, like how much does it cost and any Notaries that could be recomended.

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Hi, I have a full-time job in Lux and have just been offered some addtional freelance work in the finance sector. Does anyone know which, if any hoops, I will need to jump through? Do I need a VAT number etc? Many thanks in advance for any information.    

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Hello all, We've found a nice house to rent so while negotiating I saw that it was written in a contract that Tenant has to care for the garden (cut the grass regularly e.t.c.) but moreover " chimney-sweep, at least every year, and maintenance of the heating system every year". Well, concerning the garden I accept that Tenant has to do it and pay for it, but all the rest? Isn't it the Landlord's obligation? Why should I pay for the maintenance of his house systems? Am I right or wrong? Thanks for any comments Andy

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Hi everyon, i'm looking for an English or Arabic  speaking lawyer for a legal advice. If anyone can help me Thanks 

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