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Hi   Does anybody know/had experience a english speaking lawyer who charged less for transfering mortgage deeds (lawyer fees on buying a house) currently most of the charge the maximum fee of 1,500 euros , does any lawyer know who charged less for the same service ?   Thank you in advance

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Hi all.  I am registering as a freelance worker and would like an accountant or financial advisor who can deal with my tax contributions monthly, and also help with my annual tax return etc.  Does anyone know someone who can help?    Thanks 

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I have some problem with CCSS. I think they charged me for extra months, when I was not even in Lux and did not apply for insurance card.  I need a legal aid or an expert who could help me to resolve this problem. I have tried to figure out this problem with CCSS staff, but I became an impression, they simply don't want to listen and don't want to think some extra time, but keep sending me absolutely unreasonable invoices. Please, help me

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hello   can anybody help me I need to apply for a business license and obtain a social security number I need someone to send me all the necessary forms to achieve this. please help....

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Hi, i'm wondering is there a website somewhere that can inform me on the law here? Civil law...i'm not planning on breaking the law but it would be nice to beable to check thing out. thanks for any leads. noelle  

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Hi.  can anyone recvomend  a english speaking notary who can help us to make a joint will. thank you very much.  

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My fiancé is starting a new job in Luxembourg in August and we'll be relocating there. He currently lives in Italy and will be registering in Luxembourg when he arrives. I'm currently a resident in the US. We would like to join in a civil union upon arrival as well. After reading all the info I could find online, I'm still not clear on a few things. I know that I need a certified copy of my birth certificate, passport and an affidavit of eligibility. However, since I'm not the one with the job in Luxembourg, do I need anything else? For example, it says you need a 'residence certificate'. Is this only for my fiancé or both? What are the differences between a marriage and a civil union? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.      

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Hello,  we live in the commune of Betzdorf and are looking for an English speaking solicitor who is familiar with the luxembourg law.  If you know some or are one please email me! Thank you in advance  Cheeers Katharina 

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Can anyone tell me how I go about filing an income tax return? Are they complicated? Are forms in english available?  

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Hello All, Has anyone know if it is possible to move to Belgium with Luxembourgish residense permit? I am non-EU citizen, holding a Luxembourg residense permit. I would like to move to Belgium. Can I legally live and work there with my Luxembourgish permit? Or it has no value in another Benelux country?Thanks

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this...I bought a car a few years ago brand new from a dealership in Lux, but I am now moving and I can't take the car with me, but I still have another 3 years finance on it.... Does anyone know if it is possible to get out of the contract?

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help. My accountant in Luxembourg filed a tax return for the year 2011 in 2012. I was due a tax refund. I've not heard anything from the authorities since, nor received any money back. It's been almost 2 years since it was filed now. I last spoke with the accounts 6 months ago, he said tax office underwent major upheaval and was very disorganised. He have me some numbers to try, but the phone just rings unanswered. He's not returned my most recent emails, and I'm not sure what to do next... Anyone else having problems getting a tax refund for 2011, and any ideas of what I should do next? Thanks very much in advance!

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Hello everyone, I heard a lot of sad stories about landlords behavior in Lux and was wondering how it is possible to protect yourself. Is there any sense to open a bank account specially for a bond? A manager in a bank told me that this account does not protect a person if landlord will decide to take the total sum from this account. Is it true? If yes then what's the best option with the bond issue? Cash or bank transfer to a landlord account or it really does not matter and all depends if I am lucky with my landlord?   Thank you for all comments

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Sadly I have reached the UK pensionable age. However, with the new international rules I understand I have to work through the pension system of the last country I worked in, Belgium. I only have a few years of credit here, but a much improved UK pension having voluntary contributed over the years. I have never worked in Luxembourg. Can I expect a seperate payment from each country, or are they rolled into one single deal and taxed under the laws of that country?  What is the tax rate on Belgiun state pensions? If anyone has experience like this, or is a professional in this field, I need help to understand the systems. Thanks for any help for pointers.    

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Looking for a sworn translator  (recognized by Belgium's authorities) for a "birth certificate" translation from Romanian into French. Thanks.

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Does anyone know how this works, my husband has been offered a job in Luxembourg but I want to stay living in France as my business is based in France, so we would move to somewhere near Metz so he can commute.  Just wondered how this works regarding tax etc;

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What could be the tax liablity on Belgian state pensions paid to people residents of Luxembourg? Where could I find this information please?

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Anyone have any idea what we have to do ? We are leaving early January for Greece and want to cancel our LuxGsm phone, but unsure how to do as we want to keep the phone operating until the end of February (ie 2 months after our departure).

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Hello, Anyone out there that has been a victim of a car accident in Luxembourg and ended up with a huge bill. My bill is over 55,000 euros. Should the person that cause the accident pay the bill? The other person was found guilty.

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I am looking for a new registered office + accountant for my Luxembourg company. The company is 10 years old and does not do much business. Please contact me if you provide such a service or know anyone who does.

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