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Has anyone else had bad experience with Luxembourgish landlords and renting? I am preparing a complaint about this deposit system to the Ministere du logement.  It is incredibly unfavourable to tenants. Pls email me to my private email. 

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Hi, I am coming to Luxembourg on September 9th to work at an International School and need to set up a Bank Account. Anyone any suggestions as to good banks or banks to avoid when setting up an account? Also what are the best Mobile Phone deals out there at the moment? Please reply ASAP Richard Todd

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can anyone recommend a professional to look through my tax return and advise if I have done it correctly? 

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Hi, everyone. I move from US to Luxembourg. I have some saving in the bank in US. I want to transfer my money from US to Lux. Is there any low-cost way to make such transfer. BTW, if the transfer is successful, do I need to pay any tax on such a transfer? Thank you very much.

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Hi all! After waiting litterally 2 hours on the line every day for 5 days only to get through 3 people who keep telling me to call back and know NOTHING of what I need... maybe you all can help. I am an American working in Lux, waiting on my titre de sejour for the moment. As my company often sends me to our Paris office 2-7 days/month - I'd really just like to simply RENT an apartment in Paris instead of having to pay and stay at a hotel each time. However, lots of parisian housing contracts only come in 'residence pricipale', meaning I would have to declare Paris my principal residence.  1. Does this pose a probleme for the Luxembourg authorities? ie, would it stop my working rights and/or titre de sejour? NOTE: I still have my apartment in Lux where I reside permanently and for the most part of time. Renting an apartment in Paris is simply for leisure and ease! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP, I am so frustrated with administration. Every time I go, they all look like they are high school students who do not know the answers :(

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Hi everyone, Recently my husband got an offer to work in Luxembourg and agreed with 3-rd part company to sign a contract. Well we've got a contract, but from my point of view it looks a bit strange at some points. I would appreciate if someone could check (please please please) and maybe give your opinions so we will understand if we were right or not. Thanks in advance. P.S. please leave your e-mail so I could send the contract or write to me devangie@ymail.com

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I was in an interesting situation recently- we were served really poor quality food at Palais de Chine restaurant in Luxembourg city. One main course was obviously burned and the other 3 were simply tasteless and  of a very low quality for the price. Having politely complained instantly after receiving the main courses we were just loughed at, with remarks that we do not understand if we don't like it. This lead us to not willing to pay for the mains as we only tasted and did not eat at all. The owner refused to accept the criticism or even offer a discount for the dishes mentioned and said he'd call the police. Of course I have the power to write reviews online reflecting my experience but I just wonder how would the situation progress if police got actually called and what would be the legal aspects of such dispute. Esentially I was asked to pay full price for the service that was of an inadequate quality for the price. On the top of being very impolite, the owner refused to even discuss the quality issues and threatened to call the police insisting on us paying the bill fully even if the food was left virtually untouched. As all the dishes we ordered were bad quality  there was no sense to ask to improve the dish or order another as it indicated low standard of service provider. Does that mean that if i come to the restaurant, they could serve anything and unless it's contaminated or gone bad I am obliged to pay for it? What could be the best way to act and how are my consumer rights protected in such situations? 

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Dear All If you are interested in any of the following topics, please do not hesiate to send me an email. We can discuss the timings when I can deliver to you the tailored trainings which suit your needs, in an effective manner, for ease of your understanding. My name is Tanan. I am currently an audit manager at one of the Big 4 audit firms in Luxembourg. I am a fully qualified ACCA. I love teaching and sharing knowledge and experience with everybody. I have gained experience over the past 12 years in the following areas: - Accounting and financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); - Common accounting issues and solutions under IFRS (amortised costs, compounded instruments, financial liabilities vs equity, revenue recognition, rent incentives, finance leases and operating leases, business combination, financial instruments, asset impairment, etc) - Accounting and financial reporting under Luxembourg legal and regulatory requirements (Lux GAAP); - Group consolidation and related matters with regards to consolidated financial statements; - External audits in accordance with International Standards of Auditing (ISA); - Internal control procedures and testings, internal audit; - Luxembourg laws for commercial companies and funds (presentation and disclosures in the annual accounts, measurement of the balance sheet items, consolidation requirements and exemptions, fair value options, accounting policies, etc); Thanks Email: an.tan.huynh@gmail.com    

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Does anoyone know why you are supposed to provide a copy of the decleration of birth to your employer in Luxembourg? 

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Hi This is Pradeep Chhabra from India I am a Chartered Accountant My relatives are nationals of lUXEMBOROGH   I am mlooking for oppurtinities in the field of   Accounting Book keeping Other acccounting services   Transcription   I can also facilitate/advice/make arragememts for people visiting/planning to visit New Delhi India

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I am going to buy a 2nd hand car in Luxembourg and have been told that there is a law in Luxembourg relating to buying 2nd hand cars that were made before July 2003. I don't however know what the law actually says. Is there anyone who has heard of this law? If so could you give me some idea where I can get more information on it?  Thanks in advance

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I just received the bill for all the communal charges like lift cleaning etc. Surprisingly there is an additional "management" charge  of the company which used to administrate the building. The fee is 5% of the monthly rent and that is almost as much as all the other charges put together. to me it  looks like this is the service for the landlord, not the tennant. Is the tennant's responsiblity to pay for it?  It got me confused a bit  because it's the second property I rent in Luxembourg and the first one had nothing like that despite the fact that property was in the same type of building. I was quite surprised that after paying advance service charges every month, I suddenly have to pay hundreds of euros for a few months of "management" Has anyone any experience with this? 

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Dear All I need some advice? I have have been unable to pay my last 2 months rent as I lost my job. My Landlord has given me until the 15th May to pay the rent otherwise I will be envicted. How do I stand legally on this as I should hopefully have a new job by the end of the month. How much notice does my Landlord have to give me before I have to leave my property? Is there anywhere in Lux I can get free legal advice in English? Thank you  

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Hello,   I have heard (And not sure if this is true) that you can enter a certain amount on your tax return form to get money back for clothes bought during the year for professional purposes. Is this true?   Does anyone know how much and where to enter this?   Thanks in advance!

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My husband works in Luxembourg and pays his taxes there, we live in Moselle and I have a part time job - my income last year was under 2,000 euros but I only moved here in July (my husband has been here longer). Someone has told me that we would have to pay income tax in France on our total household income but my husband has already paid his taxes. Is this correct information? If it is correct does anyone know what sort of rates we are going to have to pay?

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Is it possible to change the tax class in the middle of the year so that it will be valid immediately, or will it be valid from the first full calendar year? http://www.guichet.public.lu/en/entreprises/ressources-humaines/recrutement/formalites-embauche/obtention-fiche-impot/index.html That gives the impression the former is true, but just to know if any of you have done it & how it works?  

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Hi, I'm a fresh arrival to Luxembourg (Nov 2012), currently living in Belgium but planning to move to Luxembourg in 2013. Can anyone tell me if tax returns in Lux are filed by everyone as is the case in Belgium, or only by certain groups of people - and are the papers for this always sent by the tax administration, or is one obliged to find everything out on their own even if no self assessment docs are sent? Being an employee, with that as sole income, I get the impression returns are not required unless property is bought or similar - but cannot find any firm info on this one way or another... Many thanks, soleil

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Hi, I was told by a realestate agent (a few of them) that Luxembourg landlords must by law allow a person who is moving due to a job change to cancel their rental agreement. Would anyone know the details of this - does it apply universaly, or only when being moved by the same company, or being laid off/resigning - and is there a defined notice period in such cases (3 months?) or is this 'to be agreed with the landlord'? Many thanks!

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Hello, I am a non-eu national from India and work in Luxembourg. I need to know if the social security benefits dffers for Non-EU nationals? Regards DassKhands

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So I bought a used car from the dealer, and when I had it inspected at the SNCT, they said that there is oil leaking from the engine (possibly a blown gasket). My question is, if the repair cost is too high, does Luxembourg have some sort of Lemon Law (US law) that protects the buyer from these kinds of vehicles? Can I still return the car to the dealership? The oil leak problem was not disclosed to me.

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