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I need a shark of a lawyer for a friend of mine who is being mistreated in her marriage. Can anybody help?

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Hi, I am a non -eu citizen (from India) and I have few questions with respect to residence card required for them:-1. If I have a work permit, Do i still need to apply for the residence card?2. What is the purpose of residence card?3. If i have the work pemrit for Luxembourg, can i live in any other neighbouring country and work in Luxembourg. Do I need a residence card for this?4. I got to know that residence card expires every year and to renew / get a residence card, you need to have a permanent address in the country for which you have work permit. So If i am living in any other country, how can I apply for the residence card. Will appreciate if any one can respond to my queries. RegardsDassKhands

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Are there bank accounts especially taylored/designed for children in Luxembourg? An account that would have an associated payment card with a maximum withdrawal limit?

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I urgently need a good divorce lawyer in Luxembourg, any recommendations?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a good employment lawyer please who works on behalf of private individuals?Thanks very much in advance!

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I gaTHER WITHOLDING TAXES ARE APPLIED TO PENSIONS ORIGINATING IN COUNTRIES BORDERING lUXEMBORG. iN OUR CASE THAT MEANS RIMARILY bELGIUM. dOES THIS MEAN THAT THE PENSION(S) IS/ARE TAXED AT SOURCE? If so wold this obviate the necessitg of having to file a tax retrn to the Belgian Ministr of Finances if/since the pensions are the on Belgim sorce of income? Anyone any ida o the pproximate percentage dedcted at source? I ask because I think in the past I misunderstood the rling! thanks for an clarification

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We are thinking of employing a nanny instead of using a créche fôr our kids and wondered if anybody could point us in the right direction in relation to rights and obligations, costs etc of employing somebody privately. If the nanny for example becomes pregnant or ill and can no longer work, will we be reimbursed by somebody as we can't afford to pay for the original person plus a replacement person. Is there a website with more info?

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I had an accident in Luxembourg caused by a third party, I suffered from injuries and lost my job. I need a good lawyer to help me deal with the third party insurance and my former employer. I would be grateful if somebody could help me Thanks

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Hello, We need some documents translated for legal reasons. Does anyone know of a sworn translator who doesn't cost the earth.A.

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Would someone know where to find the Luxembourg tax return and explanation notes online?

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HiAnyone got any useful information on how to get basic medical health insurance in this case?My son, a Luxembourg residient, UK citizen, and with a good bioscience degree from UK, is back home and in spite of applying for over 100 of jobs of any time, has not yet succeeded. In the meantime, he does not qualify for any Luxo insurance as you have to have worked for a year here (he has only 2 x summer jobs). He is signed on at all the agencies, but nothing is coming up. As he has no address in the UK he is not eligible there either. And now, not a student, he falls out of the parents insurance.To buy basic insurance costs about Euro 100/month, which, not having a salary, he cant afford.Has anyone else found themselves in this position? Its a little scary having no insurance cover at all.Thanks!

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I'm in dispute with my bank that I believe has acted unfairly re. bank charges. If I were in the UK I would write to the BBC Watchdog or The Times to seek advice or be published. Does anyone know the equivalent here that I could write to please?

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Hi, I live in France and have an internet business which is currently registered as a French SARL. I'm thinking about registering it as a Luxembourg company although I (and the other director) would like to remain resident in France. Is this possible ? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Hallo We are 2 retirees living in Cyprus but considering relocating to Loxembourg in 2011. It would be helpful at this stage to know the rate of income tax we can expect to pay on our respective pensions as well on any savings? Thank you very much for any feedback.

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Hi, Is there anyone out there who could help? I left my dog with a registered dog sitter during my last holiday. Unfortunately, there was a small fight with another dog who's been injured with resulting vet costs for the other dog. I'm duly insured in Luxembourg in RC extended to "dog's damages" (civil liability) which is a legal obligation - I had to prove it when I registered the dog at the town hall. The issue is now that neither my nor the kennel's insurance companies want to pay for the vet fees. Basically both of them are passing the buck. My insurance company on the basis that the dog was in the kennel, and the kennel's insurance company on the basis that both dogs were unattented when the incident happened. The kennel's owner which whom I have good relationships and I don't understand this silly situation. In fact we assume we haven't one cover, but two and none of them wants to pay. What's the point of paying insurance premiums on that basis! We're not ready to appoint (and more importantly to pay) a laywer or a third party to assess who's insurance company should pay. Any such experience?

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Where can I find if a company or a business in general is registered in Luxembourg? And more importantly if it isn't bankrupt!

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Hi,I recently moved and had a few subscriptions in Italy which I don't need any longer. It was obvious to me that because I was not living in the country any longer, I had the right to cancel them without problem. But it seems that they don't appreciate. I'm not a member of any consumer association in Luxembourg yet and no longer member of the italian one. Would someone know how to deal with this issue or who to contact? or is there any pan-european consumer association? Thanks for any tip.

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When buying/selling a house, it seems to be a confusion as to when to have the seller's pack (energy performance) completed and available. Can't this be part of a 'subject to' clause? Does anybody know more about it?

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Hi, we are in the process of looking for our nest egg and I have received a number of brochures for life insurances and various sicav products. We will also have an appointment at our bank but would like to have some background before the meeting. Obviously we would like to enjoy as many tax breaks as possible. Question 1 is: is our bank the best place to shop go to? (they claim to have an insurance department) and question 2: has any of you some experience to share?

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