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Hi everyone! I'd highly appreciate some feedback from fellow angloinfo members who've found themselves in similar situations. I'm renting a 2-bedroom apt in Lux and this year, when I received the annual "decompte de regularisation" from the estate agency, I noticed that apart from "Heating", etc, I had about EUR 350 to pay, itemised as "Reparations". When I pressed the estate agent to explain these costs, he sent me a photocopy of a page from a doc I supposed to be the "Detail des frais comuns", in which, under the heading "Entretien a charge locataires", there were various repairs done to the building in 2009, i.e. chimney sweeping, heating system repairs, "abonnement PTT", garbage can cleaning, taking out/back the garbage cans, unblocking the pipes and hydraulic garage maintenance, all together in the amount of about EUR 4,300. Divided among the tenants, this came to about 350 per apt. My question to you: is this legal? Should these costs not be borne by the respective landlords? I'm asking this because there's no mention whatsoever of this type of charges in the lease. I ought to mention, also, that all the apts in the building are owned by various landlords, all represented by the estate agency. Thanks in advance for feedback from anyone who may have been in the same situation. Best, div

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Hi,Since I am here, I haven't had a chance to go to the optician and I'm wondering what is covered by the CCSS. Does it also cover the full cost of glasses or contact lenses and/or is the amount capped. I'm not after designer glasses, but I've seen some deals for normal glasses with extra sunglasses. Are there shops such as Dollond & Aitchison offering free ear and eye tests?

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good day to all anglo info readers,was wondering if there is anybody out there that could help,have received this morning the dreaded impots,but have a bit of a problem we live in france but my husband did one months work in luxembourg,what we dont know is do we have to declare this on are french form or not as the tax as allready been deducted in luxembourg,and on the french tax form it as allready been noted down the work that has been done in france but they have not put down the work in luxembourg.!!!!!!!thank you to all for reading this and if anybody as advice it would be very much appreciated.

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Hi, I accepted a job on what they call a CDD (3 months). I am wondering if my social security and pension rights are identical to 'normal' staff.

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I have an enquiry where I need to contact the CCSS. Has anybody ever tried to contact them by phone, or even better to speak to them? I tried several times this morning. After 20 minutes or so someone picks up the phone and divert you to a recorded message in Luxembourgish- it happened twice. Would someone know how to contact them ? Just fyi, I dial 40141-1 (which is the number indicated on the letter I received).

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Hi,Does anybody know any good lawyer (English speaking of course) and not very expensive at the same time. I'm looking for a lawyer preferably in Luxembourg City, but not necessarily-My problems are "clients" who are not paying, so I guess specialised in business/commercial laws.Thanks for your help

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I currently work in the UK but I am considering a move to Luxembourg for family reasons. What are the restrictions, if any, and is the employment market still offering job opportunities in the financial sector? Are there websites or magazines with job offers?

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Hi, we should be moving shortly (still need as many info as you might feed us). We might consider to purchase a property, but what is the process from offer to completion. I don't want to be gazumped. And would someone recommend a sollicitor? Or perhaps should it be better to rent a property before we make a decision on any specific location. Previous experiences welcome. Brian

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Does s.o. know an English-speaking accountant who can also deal with US taxation. Just realsied it's almost year-end and the time of tax returns... ? Merry Christmas. !?

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