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Hello, Our friends just moved from Luxembourg today and left us with lots and lots of unopened pantry food that we are looking to donate. I can't seem to find a place that takes food - any ideas? Thanks a lot!Kimberly

started by: awsamy · last update: 1442942785 · posted: 1440766204

Hello I will be living in luxembourg from septmeber and as a vegan i was wondering if any other vegans could reccomend the best places to eat/shop? Also if anybody wanted to meet up and explore the city with me whilst sourcing and eating some lovely vegan food that would be great.

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I am not aware of any Starbucks in the area, but would you know of some kind of similar place where I can relax with a nice mug of coffee and free wifi?

started by: GlenysVargas · last update: 1416516339 · posted: 1416480781

Thanksgiving is approaching and I'd like to find a whole turkey. Does anyone know where I can get one and how much they usually cost? I'd need to be able to get it somewhere centrally located to Luxembourg-ville. Thanks

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i am looking to open a food business in luxembourg, however the HORECA lessons and examinations (which are essential to open such a business) are in French only. I only speak English. Does anybody know a way around this. I have contacted the ministry of commerce, however no one seems to have an answer. thanks

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Hi if you are planing to host or organize the xmas party with your family and friends for this christmas with special authentic Thai food, Make a day / night special with xmas Thai cooking class or Thai food buffet at your place. Please do not hersitate contact me. 

started by: kzych · last update: 1409677835 · posted: 1392145358

Anyone know of a good sushi place? I'm really missing being able to choose from multiple all-you-can-eat sushi places found in North America...anyone know of a good place (other than Sushi Shop in the centre)? Thanks! 

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Where can i get this from please?

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HI I am looking to meet people that love wine. To exchange ideas and experience and simply to enjoy some nice wines together.As for myself I am 28 and a Sommelier.If there are any wine lovers out there please let me know........

started by: Ruby-925110 · last update: 1393037417 · posted: 1392719110

Where can I get these over here please.

started by: Kuka-7712 · last update: 1392201200 · posted: 1384195370

Hello, i would like to know, if there is a shop in Luxembourg where i can buy Green tea Matcha?   Thank You.

started by: mjt89 · last update: 1391857330 · posted: 1390074314

If you've ever done home delivery for food (livraison domicile), could you tell me/us about it? Would be awesome if you could post a phone number and opening hours as well. I was looking for sone thing tonight but couldn't find anything online.    Thanks!

started by: Kian · last update: 1390574084 · posted: 1390296886

Can anyone tell me which shops sell international food stuff, we love experimenting but am finding it hard to find some of the ingredients in the main supermarkets.  

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Where can I get Haggis from in Luxembourg please?

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Hello there,I've just moved to Luxembourg-Ville, but I haven't found a job yet. (I've been searching before my departure already.) Which means I really have to spend my money wisely. You see, I love this country very much and I hope to stay here permanently.Can you give me ideas on where to shop cheap or where to eat if I want something warm instead of a simple sandwich? Shall I get warm food or cook for myself? Which way is cheaper?Thank you very much for your help and tips.Melinda

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I've been tasked with arranging a Xmas dinner for my department at work. About 20 people, mixed English / French / Luxembourgish. Atmosphere more important than food (as long as it meets basic standards). In Kirchberg or city centre or Clausen/Grund.Maybe something like a old vaulted room in the historic area. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I am wondering if anyone is aware of a good place to buy a whole Thanksgiving turkey for a reasonable cost? The American Women's club is not supplying the this year. I went to a butcher and for an organic turkey it is 24€/kilo and for a non-organic turkey 15€/kilo! One expensive bird. I am guessing most butchers are charging something similar. Therefore, I am wondering if there are any other options anyone is aware of? Thanks!

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Hi, Could anybody out there recommend some reasonably prized vegetarian restaurant? I'm a bit fed up eating just salad at most restaurants... Thanks

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Hi everyone We are having a family get together and are looking for a caterer to come to our house to take care of feeding around 30 people. Can anyone recommend a good caterer reasonably priced? Thanks!

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Anybody know of any in Lux? Specifically looking for Guanicale (cheek). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Haven't found any in Auchan.

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