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Hi everyone We are having a family get together and are looking for a caterer to come to our house to take care of feeding around 30 people. Can anyone recommend a good caterer reasonably priced? Thanks!

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Paige-925112 1383558494

I can't recommend one , however you will find quite a few listed here

Best thing is to have an idea as to the sort of thing you want eg: Sit down /Buffet / Canapes.  From experience of catering this sort of events you also need to consider if you need help serving/ clearing and washing up as this is not usually the chefs role.  I would get a few quotes and compare what is included.  Most private caterers will have sample menus and even be able to let you taste some of the items before you decide on the menu.

Hope this helps a little and hope you have a great get together.

delc78 1383565581

Thanks Paige, I hadn't seen this list. Its very helpful thank you!

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