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Can anyone tell me which shops sell international food stuff, we love experimenting but am finding it hard to find some of the ingredients in the main supermarkets.  


lilimuhu 1390297808

Depends on what exactly you are looking for ... Naturata on the route de Longwy has lots and lots of items that are not sold in "normal" grocery markets.  There is also a nice Asian market next to the church at the Gare (bd de la Petrusse side) ...

Kian 1390335071

Do you know if Naturata do English food stuff, well Scottish as looking for stuff for a Burns night dinner.

paulbj 1390346648

There is a British shop at Capellan, not too far from Luxembourg City. They stock a wide range of foodstuffs from the UK and a selection from the US as well. Their website is at

There is an Indian grocers down in Beggen who can be found at 

225 Rue de Beggen,  Luxembourg, L-1221.

Finally, there is a Chinese/oriental grocer on level -1 of the underground car park at Centre Hamilius (underneath the area where all the bus stands are). You go down one flight of stairs as if you were going to the car park and the Chinese store is tucked away at one end of the rather large space down there.

There are quite a few more that I know of but I don't know their details or addresses , just how to get there.


lilimuhu 1390493390

Oriental grocer down Centre Hamilius does not exist anymore. Neither does the underground part of Centre Hamilius for that matter - it's being torn up for renovation and the market closed down quite a while ago.

Paulbj's idea of Little Britain is probably best for Scottish food stuffs ...

paulbj 1390515101

Oooops! It is a year or two since I visited the Chinese/oriental shop  underneath the bus stands at Hamilius, I have to admit. Thanks for the heads up

gordian 1390574084

Not related to haggis of course, but to contribute to the discussion if you need chinese ingredients ... I might recommend the two chinese supermarkets that are on Rue de Strasbourg near the Gare (on the right as you go down). Good for all kinds of spices and stocking up on unusual ingredients.

Also a bit of a cliche i know, but the Auchun has pretty good selection of international foods and i recently found  for my own personal haggis addiction.

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