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Anybody know of any in Lux? Specifically looking for Guanicale (cheek). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Haven't found any in Auchan.

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j-y 1317194362

Have a look in this section of AngloINFO Directory - you'll find a few Italian food specialists:

The complete Directory can be accessed from the menu on the left in the box "Inside"

responder-6983 1317207841

There is an Italian specialties store on Avenue du X Septembre close to Place de France. As you go down X Septembre from the city centre it will be on your left close to a pharmacy...lookout for the lit up green cross of the pharmacy.

Michelle-5101 1317210261

Hi, some time ago this subject had already been raised and I recommended Aldo in Foetz.
see here:

Aird Lady 1339788538

Maybe you have found this store already but if you go to the Wandaff rounbabout (on the route d'arlon) and exit first right, there is a fantastic store halfway down on your left. Even does light lunches. I frequent it often but cannot remember the name.

ibseur 1378295933

GALLI & GALLI is near St Alphonse Church (Rue du Capucins), close to the city center. Very expensive.

BONDANI is in Avenue X Septembre.

The cooperative of Bonnevoie is also owned by Italians and have Italian products.

There is an Italian food store in Foetz.

If you go to Esh Alzette, there is an Italian neighbourhood: you can choose between different food shops.


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