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Anyone know of a good sushi place? I'm really missing being able to choose from multiple all-you-can-eat sushi places found in North America...anyone know of a good place (other than Sushi Shop in the centre)? Thanks! 


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The only one I know is not in the city, but on the riverside in Grevenmacher. 

Conveyor-belt, all-you-can-eat for the fixed price of €18. Pretty good too.

Half the restaurant is a regular chinese buffet, the other half sushi. The best of both worlds.

I've been there with the family and friends a couple of times for Sunday lunch. First go for a good long walk along the Moselle to work up an appetite, then fill up on sushi.  The young sushi chef was having fun making us sushi creations on the fly and sending them along the belt.

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Hi Kzych,

a couple of good options, a bit away from the centre, are Kyoto ( which does a good lunch deal and a newly opened place called New Cooking ( which offers great Fusion cuisine.

I am not aware of any "all you can eat" sushi offers so you may have to forego on that option.

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Try restaurant Wan-Li in Neudorf.

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you can try at nemos  restaurant or Aka cite in luxembourg cite

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You should try Ikki in clausen, aka in city center, one in rue notre dame city center, dogado in hollerich

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by far the best sushi restaurant in luxembourg is called wasabi and is in moutfort   but to be honnest luxembourg is abit behind in the sushi scene

the best place i found by far in europe is a place called sumo sushi  its a franchise but not 1 in lux yet


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