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Hello I will be living in luxembourg from septmeber and as a vegan i was wondering if any other vegans could reccomend the best places to eat/shop? Also if anybody wanted to meet up and explore the city with me whilst sourcing and eating some lovely vegan food that would be great.


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There are unfortunately very few truly vegan places/shops in Luxembourg. I'm myself semi-vegetarian (well I eat meat only once a week), but vegan is very very difficult in Luxembourg.  

I can recommend these pages:



We tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if anyone knows other places, let us know and we'll add them up.

Hope this helps


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I really liked "coffee break" (1 avenue de la Gare), I had there very nice vegan lunch.

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thankyou for your reply :-)

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thankyou for your help!

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Hi there's a restaurant that's called ''mesa verde'' that does vegan food. ''Beet'' is a new vegan burger place however they do other things too :)

''Naturata'' offers a lot of vegan food. It's a grocery shop in Munsbach but there's also one in Belval. Hope this helps!


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Oh and I forgot to mention an indian vegn place called ''Nirvana'' at the gare(train station area). They have good cakes too!  ''Exki'' offers some vegan food too. It's rather a cafe/takeaway place than a restaurant. Have you looked around already? :)

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As a vegan myself, I'd recommends the restaurants HAPP in rue Henri VII Limpertsberg, Amapura in rue Goethe, and Anabanana in rue Tour Jacob, all located in Luxembourg town.

I hope this is helpful:-)))

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