Where to shop or eat cheap?

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Hello there,I've just moved to Luxembourg-Ville, but I haven't found a job yet. (I've been searching before my departure already.) Which means I really have to spend my money wisely. You see, I love this country very much and I hope to stay here permanently.Can you give me ideas on where to shop cheap or where to eat if I want something warm instead of a simple sandwich? Shall I get warm food or cook for myself? Which way is cheaper?Thank you very much for your help and tips.Melinda


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Hi Melinda - welcome to Luxembourg! Unfortunately, this is not a place for budget cuisine or grocery shopping - for the most part. However, my recommendation for budget places to eat would be one of the many kebab shops or an Italian pizzeria. The kebab shops, in particular, are an inexpensive alternative to the many (over-priced) French restaurants. 

For inexpensive grocery shopping, I highly recommend a quick trip into Germany to an Aldi, Lidl, Netto, etc. You'll find most products are significantly less expensive than going to Auchan or Cactus.

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Thank you very much for your tips and advice.

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In the Gare neighbourhood, there are some small restaurants which are not too expensive.

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Thank you very much. I'll check them out.

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There's a Chinese takeaway at the German end of Remich bridge (Nennig) which is a bargain. €6 - €8 for a huge portion. Closed Mondays.
There are other snack bar and grocery options there too.

Express bus 155 from Luxembourg stops outside and a €2 bus ticket is valid to cross the bridge to that stop.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

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There is also a LIDL in Bertrange if Germany is too far. Inexpensive food and it is good quality

it is walking distance from Bertrange train station or even from Strassen

Releena 1386933449

Madison - Brasserie, 9 Avenue du 10 Septembre in Belair, Tél.: 2644 0992

They have PIZZA special, buy 2 get additonal 1 free. That makes 3 pizzas for around 20 EUR, a steal for Luxembourg!


melindam 1386958661

Thank you very much for the info, DC1978.

melindam 1386958740

Thank you very much, Releena! That's good to know!

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