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There is a 9 months formation course for adults in Metz organized by Greta (G.R.E.T.A. signifie GRoupement d’ETAblissements), Metz. Interesting programm, possibility to improve your French, at the end you will get a C.A.P. diploma, which get a good chance to find a job. Enrollment: 28/08 until 31/08/2013. Contact details: Lycée Robert-Schuman, 4, rue Monseigneur-Pelt, BP 5513057074 Metz cedex Tél. :00 33

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Hey guys, Any idea where I could dine and watch the confederations cup in Lux (specifically Spain-Italy this thursday). I know the usual pubs will probably have it on but am wondering if you know any restaurants that have TV/Sports on? Cheers M

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Hello. If you want to organize an home party or a dinner with your friends for a birthday, promotions, birth and you don't know where to start, I can help you. I can arrange for theme-dinners, dressed-up parties, food buffet of every kind of food you like. Take a look to my FB blog http://www.facebook.com/#!/PiccolaCucinaConVineria and do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions withour engagement!  

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I live in rural Wallonia, nearest big town Bastogne (hardly that big...) so it's always a thrill to make the pilgrimage to Cactus at the Etoile centre for fresh fish other than river trout and farmed salmon, veggies other than tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and so on. But my little country bumpkin eyes nearly popped out of my skull today when I went to Kirchberg Auchan for the first time! Whoot! Ingredients I've not seen since I last lived in a "real" place. Cuts of meet, varieties of cheese, olives, fruit and veggies and fish and seafood. So, the reason I'm posting, is to let any other folk in the more rural reaches of Lux or just over the border, who may be starved for variety in their shops, know that it's worth the trip "to the big city" from time to time. And that's not to mention that fab Asian supermarkets across the other side of town.And locals, could you please tell me, is the Kirchberg Auchan the biggest store? Or am I missing something even better! :-) Thanks!

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Does anyone know where I can find abandoned fruit trees? I would like to pick fruit to make jam. it could be apples, prunes or anything else... Thanks!

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I am wanting to arrange a BBQ/Hog roast for a birthday party at the end of August. Does anyone know of a company in Luxembourg that would do this for me? Thanks J

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Hi there, We just arrived yesterday in Luxembourg Bertange :-) and looking for an organic supermarket (the bigger the better) in the area. Gluten-free products shops also appreciated.

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Can anyone - please! - tell me what the pie pastry with a sausage/pate inside is called? You get them at the sandwicherie ad they're sort of sausage roll shaped with sort of holes on top - great lunch in the hand. I can't remember what they're called - it's something unpronounceable and Luxembourgish - and I'm not there now and I'm trying to explain it to someone.Thank you!!

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Recently I had a meal with a friend at an Indian restaurant (of long standing) on Rue de Strasbourg and was shocked to see a bill of over Euros 60 for just two. All we had was a main plate each, a couple of beers and a bottle of water. And the food was quite mediocre...ie. both dishes, though different in name, had the identical sauce and taste.Earlier this month I was at another Indian restaurant on Route de Longwy (extension of Ave. de X September) and after the meal I asked for a finger bowl. The young man frowned heavily and then brought me a bowl of boiling water! That short little fellow was either an imbecile or he had a serious chip on the shoulder. This was a double whammy! Skyrocketing prices in one place and service at another, which, if not moronic then downright malicious. (This was a scandalous exception; generally the service is very polite and friendly...though a bit over-friendly in one restaurant in the city centre).Truth be told Indian restaurants here are all much of a much-ness. They all serve the same old Moghul cuisine (re-heated heavy sauces and unremarkable tandoor) and have nothing to differentiate one from another. These restaurants are just sure-fire profitable business propositions which take no pride in what they serve. It is such a pity that in Luxembourg where so much is spent on eating out the Indian restaurants are of such dismal quality.

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I'm a Vegan and am looking for somewhere that sells egg substitutes (powdered variety) . So far I have tried Naturata and the bio sections at Auchan, Cactus and Delhaize. Any other suggestions?

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Is there one? My daughter is compiling a receipe book from around the EU. Is there a traditional Luxo pud? If so, please send a recipe. Many thanks.Sue

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hi, does anyone know where one can buy Quorn products in central Luxembourg? I've scanned the shelves at my local supermarket and at Auchan wihtout success... perhaps there's another name used in Europe...? many thx for any insights...

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Does anyone know where to get ice in bag. A few kilos worth? We're supposed to BBQ in 25 degree weather and I have no way to cool drinks because my fridge is so tiny and the freezer barely holds a pizza! Thanks.

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Where can I find Indian spices such as tandoori sauce in jar and papadums?

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Would someone know when the monthly market at Glacis carpark will restart?

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Looking for a good cookbook in English with local recipes for a present. Something similar in style to Lea Linster's books, but in English, would be ideal. Would you know where I can find this, if indeed it does exist...

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I tried to prepare a few times potato pancakes as Luxembourgish do it and it's quite nice except that no recipe I've seen so far tells me the herbs or spices they put in. I never managed to get the same taste than the one I bought today on Christmas market. Would someone know?

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Hi, Pregnant and in dire need of fish & chips. Does anyone know of anywhere to find a real one. Would drive anywhere (not cross the channel).

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Can anyone tell me if there are any wok buffet restaurant in town?

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Where can I find reasonably priced pumpkins? Various sizes.

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