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Does anyone know a good Italian food shop in Luxembourg? What I mean is a specialized shop only for Italian stuff like cheese, ham, pasta and where I could also find some ingredients? Thanx!

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Hi, is there any Australian Ice Cream Shop in Luxembourg? Couldn't spot any so far... what a pity. In Belgium you find them nearly round every corner.

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We are looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Luxembourg. What would you recommend?

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I'm just starting starting a contract here for a few months - with a LT opportunity. Would some of you recommend bars to go for fun, darts or snooker or places to be in Luxembourg, either just for a pint or more generally to socialise. Any tip welcome.

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Apart from Naturata, what other real alternatives are there for bio or organic food. I don't mind traveling a bit to get good quality products. A range of gluten-free food would be ideal.

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Does anyone know where to buy fine chocolates for a present? I already tried the ones in town and although I am pleased with them, I'd like to have something unusual (hand-made?), either Belgian or local but a bit different than the typical high street pralines.

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Would anyone have a easy recipe for naan bread and papadums? Please nothing difficult.Thanks in advance

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I was a bit disappointed by a very well known restaurant this morning. Hence my question: would you know the best place(s) in Luxembourg for a full english breakfast? Or simply a real eggs & bacon sandwich...

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My partner and I are rather interested in learning more about local and international wines and wondered if anyone knew of a wine tasting group or session in Luxembourg or North of France. Thanks in advance.

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Slightly odd post, I know, but I'm struggling to get my head around the different types of cream available and the names (in French).I've managed to identify single cream. But what I thought was double cream turned out to be creme fraiche (with the slightly sour taste) - even though I'd be told by my French teacher that creme fraiche was just fresh cream not sour cream.So, can someone tell me:1. what's double cream?2. what's whipping cream?3. what's creme fraiche - so I can avoid it in future!Thanks. 

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Democrats Abroad Luxembourg invites you to participate in our “Health Care Conference and Pot Luck Supper”. Our guest speaker is Dr.Hood, co-founder and chairman of the Institute for Systems Biology (Seattle). Dr. Hood will elaborate on his vision concerning upcoming changes in medicine which may impact our Health Care System. Please bring a Pot Luck contribution , sweet or savory. Drinks will be provided. When: Wednesday,February 24 Time: 8pm to 11pm RSVP Roger Behrend at rbgb@pt.lu. Contact details available with RSVP.

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Does anyone know of a vegetable basket scheme in the city, possibly organic? The kind of basket that is delivered once or twice a week to your door and contains seasonal fruits and vegs. All what I found in supermarkets or mini-markets so far are tiny packs with 2 carrots, a few potatoes and a few other tiny things, just enough to prepare a soup.

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I'm visiting my aunt here in Luxemburg right now and wanted to bake her a pineapple upsidedown cake while she is at work but when i went to the store this morning I could not find baking powder. Is it available here? Ihope so because this is the only cake i know how to bake!!! Thank you/merci for any quick replies!! Sid

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Is there a New Year meal speciality in Luxembourg ? The thing that everybody is eating on 01/01 ?

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This is our first year over here in Luxembourg and I have no idea of what they do for Christmas. Do they sell turkeys and all what goes with it ? And where can I find them ?

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Any recommendation for a good Indian around Strassen or Bertrange or in town ?

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to find xmas pudding and mince pies in Luxembourg, is there a shop specialising in English food and other goodies? Many thanks, Isie

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Oops. Sorry forgot to ask. What are kroomperekichel (or something similar) ? Seen them in town at Xmas market.

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