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For those people who dont know or have forgotten. I thought this might be useful.As a UK citizen living in France, you still have the right to vote in UK elections if you have been here for up to 15 years.For more details https://www.gov.uk/register-to-voteYou have up to the 26/11/2019 to register and then up to the 4th of Dec to nominate a proxy.Whatever your politics, dont waste your vote, its important we all have  our say!!

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Hallo allemaal, mijn mond zit vol met getuigenissen, ik werd geholpen door een sterke, krachtige man van God, priester Roso genaamd. Ik ben 2 jaar getrouwd en in het derde jaar van mijn huwelijk had een andere man een betovering om mijn geliefde van me af te nemen en mijn vrouw verliet me bij de kinderen, we hebben te lijden totdat ik een post ontmoet waar deze krachtige man van God Priester Roso riep die iemand heeft geholpen en ik besloot hem te proberen me te helpen mijn vrouw terug te brengen naar huis, en te geloven ik, ik stuur alleen een foto van mij en mijn vrouw naar hem en wat gast? na 24 uur zoals hij me heeft verteld, kwam mijn vrouw terug naar huis en begon haar fout te betreuren nu mijn vrouw me meer liefde heeft laten zien dan ik ooit heb gedaan, ik ben blij dat ik deze gezegende grote man, priester Roso, ken. voor iedereen die zo'n soortgelijk probleem heeft, moet niet aarzelen om contact op te nemen met deze krachtige grote man van God, e-mail: priestrosomalia621@outlook.com of Whatsapp +233550822798.

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Hallo allemaal, mijn mond zit vol met getuigenissen, ik werd geholpen door een sterke, krachtige man van God, priester Roso genaamd. Ik ben 2 jaar getrouwd en in het derde jaar van mijn huwelijk had een andere man een betovering om mijn geliefde van me af te nemen en mijn vrouw verliet me bij de kinderen, we hebben te lijden totdat ik een post ontmoet waar deze krachtige man van God Priester Roso riep die iemand heeft geholpen en ik besloot hem te proberen me te helpen mijn vrouw terug te brengen naar huis, en te geloven ik, ik stuur alleen een foto van mij en mijn vrouw naar hem en wat gast? na 24 uur zoals hij me heeft verteld, kwam mijn vrouw terug naar huis en begon haar fout te betreuren nu mijn vrouw me meer liefde heeft laten zien dan ik ooit heb gedaan, ik ben blij dat ik deze gezegende grote man, priester Roso, ken. voor iedereen die zo'n soortgelijk probleem heeft, moet niet aarzelen om contact op te nemen met deze krachtige grote man van God, e-mail: priestrosomalia621@outlook.com of Whatsapp +233550822798.

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LibDems in France: the president leaves a bill of almost1000 € to be paid to the co-organizers of ALDE Party IM / France, the individual members of the Renew Europe group, after the Toulouse meeting of28 September in Toulouse on "Brexit and European Policies »This is a wonderful story of cross-party cooperation that deserves to be told.The current president of the LibDems in France contacted at the end of 2018 theFrench Coordinator of the ALDE Party IM / France.LibDems sits in the "Renew Europe" group formerly ALDE in theEuropean Parliament.The idea was to make a meeting in Toulouse on the theme "Brexit andEuropean Policies".Seeing that the project was not moving forward, and that the President of theLibDems in France was the only one managing everything, I suggested that the"France team" ALDE give him a hand.This team includes, in particular, representatives in France of politicalparties from other EU countries.A budget was presented by the Coordinator ALDE-IM / France, accepted by thepresident of LibDems in France.Quite quickly, the president of the LibDems left us the task of setting up theproject by his repeated absence:impossible to get him to write a program. it was necessary for the CoordinatorALDE-France to draft it; Unable to obtain introductory texts, the president of the LibDems in Francesystematically returned the original text (poorly written in English and poorlytranslated into French);The Coordinator Alde-IM France had given a list of politicians to inviteimperatively by the president of the LibDems, for reasons of republican politeness(including the local presidents of French political parties sitting in thegroup Renew Europe)., The president of the LibDems in France did not inviteany!Between the 2nd of September and the 10th of September, it was impossible tojoin the President of the LibDems, he did not respond voluntarily while we hadurgent things to settle. He responded by email on September 10th that he wasnot answering because he was going on a tour with his family!Even better :On the lack of republican politeness: the customis that when an event like the meeting of Toulouse is organized by bringing inBritish, German and other parliamentarians, the organizer contacts the CityHall to invite the Mayor of the city.The president of the LibDems in France did not doit while the Coordinator ALDE_IM France asked him very many times to do it. It was necessary that the coordinatorALDE_IM France uses all its diplomatic sense of former diplomat to "catchthe blow" and avoid the diplomatic incident with the Mayor of Toulousearriving to invite, even late, the Deputy Mayor concerned.We continue ... It's not over!I pass on the room in the Novotel Purpan whoselast two rows of seats were dirty and stained, the microphones that did notwork.The money and the € 1000 bill left:A week before the meeting in Toulouse, with ticketsales, the accounts were already balanced and the budgeted expenses paid.Only three people had bought the meal proposal.So, it was decided to cancel the proposed lunchmeal, and leave it free.In addition the hotel has a restaurant and thereare restaurants around the hotel.Surprise: At the end of the morning of the 28September meeting, the President of LibDems announced that a buffet lunch wasserved for the participantsWhen the people, whose expenses were to be takencare of, left the hotel, they were surprised to learn that they had to pay thereserved hotel rooms on behalf of the company of the President of the LibDemsin France. , whereas they had to be paid by the President of the LibDems inFrance directly.I remind you that a week before the meeting, therewas enough cash on hand.We continue!A few days later, the president of the LibDems inFrance sent an email to the other co-organizers asking them to pay the entrancefee to the conference plus lunch!Since when do the organizers pay to participate inthe meeting they organized?= 45 €!The President of LibDems in France also said hewould not pay other fees. In fact, the president of LibDems in France used the money to pay theexpenses for …fully refund his own expenses, and, invite his British friends onFriday, September 27 evening for dinner and lunch on Saturday, September 28noon.He left a bill of almost 1000 € for the co-organizers.ALDE Party coordinator IM France sent a complaint against the president ofLibdems En France to LibDems president Jo Swinson.Ditto for the general secretariat of ALDE in Brussels.The financial director of LibDems assured that the costs would be reimbursed... by the President of the Libdems in France.He has still not repaid despite pressure.The ALDE Party Im France coordinator put a post on the ALD-IM Facebook group onthis story.The case is therefore public.For my part, I find myself having paid a bill of just over € 450 while myhusband is unemployed and we absolutely can not afford such a hole. Because ofthe President of LibDems in France, I am obliged to cancel a very importanttrip for me.I wanted to tell you this story because the attitude of the president ofLibDems in France is inadmissible. He is a man without words.ALDE_IM Party France and probably other political parties in Frank will nolonger collaborate with the LibDems in France as long as it will be chaired bythe current president.This is what the ALDE Party Im France coordinator wrote to LibDems PresidentSwinson.As proof of what I have just written, I can give copies of all the justifyingemails.

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We will clean a heating/air conditioner unit at your houseusing powerful vacuums and specialized tools. Our trained technician willremove accumulated dirt and debris to improve the air quality at your house.

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Opening anOffice in Luxemburg CityI plan to move to Luxemburg City in May and like to know how I can setup anoffice for my business. I don’t need a store front, just a warehouse to storagemy equipment.My company provides Cash ATM Machines for Festivals. We setup at Festivals andcustomers get cash from the ATMs with their Credit Cards. I want to be sellinganything, so there is no tax on the ATMs.Questions:• Does Luxemburg City have office space where I pay a monthly fee to go andmeet with people• What are the requirements to open an Office in Luxemburg City?• What is the tax rates for income?• How long can USA National stay and work?• What are the best banks to work with? How can I open an Account?• How can I find an Attorney and Accounting Firm?• How long does it take to get Luxemburg City to approve my company? What isthe cost for this process?• If I hire someone what are the requirements to pay them and deduct taxes.• How is the Heath Care in Luxemburg City?• Owning an Auto, how do I get a Tag, and licenses to drive? What other fees doI need to pay?• I know there is more to ask, I may have left some out. You welcome to addwhat you think I need to know and do.Luxemburg CityWhat are the pros and cons based on traffic, population, Air Port, Cost ofLiving, and Live Style.?I am looking to rent a place for one year to see if that is the area I want tolive in. I like to find a House with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, large kitchen andclose to the city and shops, can be 20-30 miles outside city.I will be hiring people to work with me.I welcome any suggestions to my questions and area to live in.RegardsVincentInfo@SteffaniniFinancial.comWhatsApp: Steffanini Financial 01 352-363-8373 USASkype ID: SteffaniniFinancialGroup

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Hi,I am looking for any type of work. I am hard worker, always like to be busy and I am a quick learner. I am physically strong. I have some experience in carpeting, painting, sawmill. I speak English and learning French and Luxembourgish.

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Hello friends,   I have received a job offer for Luxembourg and I will be moving hopefully in December. I will be traveling with my partner and also my 16 year old small dog. Unfortunately most of the people that I have asked if they accept animals gave me a negative feedback. Can you please help me with advice or do you know something that will accept a pet? Also we are looking for something furnished and maybe with a parking spot. Any help would be much appreciated please :(Have a magical day,Andreea

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Hello, I am studying French and I would like to practice. So if you want to meet some one to practice together, or if you are French native speaker and you would like to help, please let me to invite you for a drink. Or if you know some club or anywhere that aims to practice language, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Regards, Yen

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There are couple of topics with bits of info on internet connections at home but I thought I will share the results of my pretty thorough work.I was using Post's VDSL for the last 5 and half years. Can not complain, it did what it promised. Speed test gave 11Mb down, 550kb up. Price is been for all these years 59€ per month. But sometimes 11Mb down is not enough anymore, so I started to look for other ISP's and make a comparison. My goal is to have an Internet connection with unlimited data volume, without bells and whistles (services which I don't need).Also, I am comparing sometimes 30 or 50 or 100Mb download speed, so I kind of compare prices for different speeds. 30Mb download would be enough for me.To be honest, those monthly fees that are shown with big numbers on the websites of all the ISP's are never correct. All the ISP's will add you at least a router rental fee, which is around 6- 7€ per month. Plus, they all push their landline subscription to you, some of them force you to take also a TV subscription or a mobile. It is like when you go to a restaurant to have just a dessert and a coffee and the restaurant says: "If you won't take the salad and main course, you can not have a dessert!".So here it comes:Eltrona- Communication was good. All my emails got response.You are forced to take the home package with TV and landline. Unlimited 100/10 Mb internet connection + TV + landline- total monthly fee 59€. Join Experience- Communication was good. All my emails got response. This is a joint company- 50% Post, 50% Joint wireless. For fiber@home M, 50/10 Mb, Fritzbox rental and EU LARGE FLAT offer at 25,60 € (excl VAT) mobile subscription- total monthly fee 67.36 € (plus some VAT). They told me I can not have unlimited data volume with the cheapest (9.90€ per month) mobile subscription! But later they contacted me again and told they would make an exception for me and instead of EU LARGE FLAT I could have unlimited data volume also with SMALL+ Offer instead of a LARGE. Luxembourg Online- Communication was good. All my emails got response.With LOLFiber 30 you will subscribe also to a landline but it costs 0€ if you do not use it. For 30/10 Mb  internet and FRITZ!Box 7560 rental- total monthly fee 48.90 €.You can rent FRITZ!Box 7490 instead of FRITZ!Box 7560. That would raise your total by 2€ per month.Visual Online- Nitro M (30/10 Mb) costs 49.90 plus router rental 7,90€- total monthly fee 57.70 €.Can't say about communication as I did not write them. All the info was pretty clear on their website.There are yet two ISP's- Orange and Numericable, but a little googling convinced me that it would be smarter to stay away. Actually I had Numericable's connection for years until 2011 and it was very difficult to end their contract. Finally they said I have not returned their modem (although I had!) so I had to pay some penalties. Very annoying, stay away.--------------So I chose Luxembourg Online LOLFiber 30. It was very easy to order- you do it all on their website. Ordering took 10 minutes (setting up my account with LOL took half of that time).After 10 minutes from ordering a very nice mademoiselle called on my phone, and set up the installation date (more than a month from ordering date). She told me that there will be cabling fee but I told her all the (cat7) cables are already installed in our house and their technician should only bring the equipment and test if it works. So they made a remark in their docs and I will not have to pay for cabling. They sent then 2 files to my email for me to sign, scan and send them back.Very neat, you don't have to go out of your home to make a contract or order the connection. And it can be done basically within an hour.-----------------------------------Ok, the month has passed and technician came to install the TP Link MC220L fiber-to-Eth converter and FritzBox 7560 router.LOL is using Post's fiber and it seems that some patch was not placed somewhere. At least the fiber-to-Eth converter did not get the link up. On the next day the technicians came to fix the thing, found a fault somewhere out of our house and they got the link up. Speedtest gave me ping 3ms, download 29Mb/s, upload 10Mb/s.I also was able to configure my own VoIP within the Fritzbox. With Post's Fritzbox (7550) I had to edit the configuration with Telne in order to get my personal VoIP workingt. I was not able to configure the Post's Fritzbox in a normal way. But after editing the config I got it working also with Post. With LOL it was much simpler. With AVM.de tutorial I got it working in 10 minutes.I hope my comparison will help you when choosing between Luxembourg ISP's.

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Hello ! As a language training company, we are looking for english trainers ! If you are native, qualified and motivated, do not hesitate to communicate on this topic. Aurélie

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I need to deliver 6-7 boxes of clothes and other stuff (shoes, household things, paintings, etc), different sizes, but up to 20kg each from Luxembourg (Luxembourg) to Sweden (Osthammar) (door-to-door). Are there any companies, drivers in Luxembourg who can help with this?

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Looking work, Happy to do any task required (within reason), Please contact if you have anything, much appreciated.

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Long shot, but is anyone flying or know someone who's flying tomorrow (Jan 5th) from LUX to Birmingham with FlyBE? Kinda urgent!!!

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Can someone assist me on the topics thatnormally come in Luxembourgish oral language test? Is there any Forum forLuxembourgish language test.

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Moulinex 2 in 1 citruspresser and vegetables presser, only used 1 time, still with warranty, selling for 20 euro (New price 79 euro) see the extra photo for further information about the productPick up Belair

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There is an official UK Government and Parliament Petition being circulated calling upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60%, based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum. Turnout in the EU Referendum, for whatever reason (complacency, other things on their mind?) was less than 50% in the 18-24 age group, which is sad considering this will be one of the demographics most affected in the future by the UK's withdrawal from the EU.If a petition gets 10,000 signatures, the government will respond.  If a petition gets 100,000 signatures, it is considered for debate in Parliament. This petition currently has 3,379,642 signatures and the number is rising rapidly as I write.  Only British citizens and UK residents have the right to sign, therefore, unlike during the referendum last Thursday, this includes ex-pats.  The petition has already been presented to the UK Parliament and is awaiting response.  Maybe there is a second chance with this petition.  If you are interested, here is the link to sign it to ask for a second referendum......perhaps, this time, it will also include ex-pats: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215If you agree with the content of this e-mail, then please pass it on to as many people as you know either by e-mail or social media as quickly as possible.If you do not, I apologise for any inconvenience.

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Native American Friends Of Luxemburg, ASBLNative American Friends of Luxembourg asbl.is a Non-Profit-Organisation  

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Can anyone tell me if there is a shop in Luxembourg selling paper bags? In particular Lavender coloured bags like these http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0016L11LE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A2F0KQP9JWSS79. I want them to make themed party bags for my daughter's Dora the Explorer party. Also, is there a good general craft supplies store anywhere? Many Thanks!!

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A friend is looking for someone who would be able to accompany her 5 year old son who has dyspraxia to school each day in order to support the class teacher in helping him to learn and interact more positively with the other children in his class throughout the school day. Experience working with children (or better still children with special needs) and a good level of English and French would be preferable.Please contact me on 621 366 508 if interested or if you know of any organisations that offer these services please let me know.

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