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Hi I've just moved to Luxembourg from Edinburgh and I was wondering if any of you knew of a Book Club in Lux? Also, any recommendations on groups or clubs that would allow me to meet people would be great. Thank you Luisa

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Jess12984 1374262877

Hi Luisa!


Welcome to Luxembourg!! Meetup sometimes organises Bookswaps, amongst a lot of different other activities which are all a really good start to meet people. If I am not mistaken the American Womens Club also organises potluck bookclub!

Hope you find something that interests you

dillydally-8488 1374342170

Hi, and welcome.  When we arrived we found MeetUp in Luxembourg and they have a book swop from time to time and this is great. - then just join Luxembourg's groups, a number of the events are free and the groups is mixed and very social.

The other group I would recommend for connecting with is The Network, this is a women's only group, I've found them friendly, the meetings are mixed social and special interest.

Have Fun!

Claudia_H 1376987573


I don't know of any other good websites for meeting people then the ones listed above, but I move to Luxembourg in September. If you're still low on friends, give me a prod!

I was there for a year, two years ago, and still have a fair amount of friends left, a lot of which are english speakers, although we're quite a linguistic melting potas groups come! :-)

Here's my address, (or find me on FB)

Hope you're enjoying it!


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