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Opening anOffice in Luxemburg CityI plan to move to Luxemburg City in May and like to know how I can setup anoffice for my business. I don’t need a store front, just a warehouse to storagemy equipment.My company provides Cash ATM Machines for Festivals. We setup at Festivals andcustomers get cash from the ATMs with their Credit Cards. I want to be sellinganything, so there is no tax on the ATMs.Questions:• Does Luxemburg City have office space where I pay a monthly fee to go andmeet with people• What are the requirements to open an Office in Luxemburg City?• What is the tax rates for income?• How long can USA National stay and work?• What are the best banks to work with? How can I open an Account?• How can I find an Attorney and Accounting Firm?• How long does it take to get Luxemburg City to approve my company? What isthe cost for this process?• If I hire someone what are the requirements to pay them and deduct taxes.• How is the Heath Care in Luxemburg City?• Owning an Auto, how do I get a Tag, and licenses to drive? What other fees doI need to pay?• I know there is more to ask, I may have left some out. You welcome to addwhat you think I need to know and do.Luxemburg CityWhat are the pros and cons based on traffic, population, Air Port, Cost ofLiving, and Live Style.?I am looking to rent a place for one year to see if that is the area I want tolive in. I like to find a House with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, large kitchen andclose to the city and shops, can be 20-30 miles outside city.I will be hiring people to work with me.I welcome any suggestions to my questions and area to live in.RegardsVincentInfo@SteffaniniFinancial.comWhatsApp: Steffanini Financial 01 352-363-8373 USASkype ID: SteffaniniFinancialGroup


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