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AngloINFO is proud to launch its 49th local information and community website in Athens, Greece. Read all about it at AngloINFO Athens News Story and visit the site at AngloINFO Athens

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Hello forum I just have a question about using skype which some friends suggested but I am unsure about how to start. Does anyone else use it and what have your experiences been? I remember having read that you have to pay, but a lower rate than what you would otherwise pay for international calls. Correct?Thanks,

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Need to have a set of full color flyers printed. Can anyone recommend a cheap, reliable, fast local printer or alternatively an online company offering the service?

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Have you bought a home in Luxembourg in the past 2 years? If so, we'd like to put your story on TV! HGTV's House Hunters International is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their new home or vacation property abroad. This hit series takes viewers behind the scenes with a real estate agent to decide which international home is best for you! We’re looking for upbeat personalities and interesting stories. If this sounds like you, apply now! We are currently casting in multiple countries around the globe. Send an e-mail to househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com, and we’ll send you additional information.

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Hi, I am planning to start up a business repairing household appliances. I am looking at average NI charges as self employed. Also is it possible to create a limited company with a minimum capital (Ltd in the UK). I understand that if I create a sarl I would need to fully pay up 16,000 euro cash even if my business doesn't need that money. That doesn't make sense.Thanks

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I'm a bit confused. I am fairly new to Luxembourg. We went for dinner last night in a brasserie and was told Icouldn't smoke. But I went to the same place on Wednesday and I could and did smoke. I tried to get an explanation but the girl didn't speak English at all and my German is limited to Guten Tag and Danke. Is smoking based on the mood of the staff or am I missing something?

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Hello there,I am Brussels based but was just offered a job (in interim) in Luxembourg (city). I have a flat in Belgium so I am bound to a contract and on a somewhat limited budget. Basically, I am looking for a place to stay (in the longterm) but the arrangement would have to be very flexible since my work contract is in the interim only and I don't know how long it will be for. I was wondering if any of you people have come across anything suitable that would work for me. Obviously, kitchen facilities, internet etc. would constitute an advantage. I have heard of a place around "gare de Lux" that offers furnished studios at the rate of roughly 1000 Eur/ month but I do not have any additional info as of now.Any information you may have would really help. I do not know Luxembourg very well, have driven through the city a few times.Thank's in advance!- Nick

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Hi, we are a family of 4 and moving to Luxembourg in April. My husband company is offering us a relocation agency, but they came with so many questions - so have I. We've been asked whether we would prefer to live in town or outside, but we have no clue. All what we know about Luxembourg is that it's a tax heaven. Is it better to stay there or outside. But then, is it accessible. And what about the kids. Catherine is 2 and a bit chaotic and Mike is 7. Are there international schools/creche and how much does it cost? Do we have tolearn their language or can we just go along with English ? Kids activities ? Mike is playing football. So many questions. We'd like to find someone giving us a few tips. Karena

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I just looked into getting my first cell phone and am now confused. Is it best to buy a new phone or can I use one a friend has offered me? Do I have to sign up with a contract? She said something about buying a chip for it. Can I get any kind of chip? (she is traveling now and I can't get in touch with her to ask her myself). Thanks in advance.

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Looking for s.o. for ironing, at home or at my place. 2-3 hours/week

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Hi,I'm new in town and still waiting for my first pay check. For now I'm thinking of exchanging some money I have in GB Sterling (and some US dollars); is there was a good place in Luxembourg to exchange them for Euros, or I would be better off exchanging it when I'm in the UK next ?We're not talking huge amounts of money here, it's probably about €500 in total (hence why I posted this in General rather than Finance).Thanks,Nin

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Could you let me know of any Luxembourg events/fundraisers. Where should I donate?

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I am looking for a good English-speaking hairdresser who could come at home. Any recommendation ?

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I was expecting to receive a few parcels from my family overseas and I think some have been lost along the way. Does anyone know who/where to call for lost mail?

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Is there anyone driving down from Luxembourg to the French Riviera (any place along the A8 between Nice and Marseille or Aix-en-Provence) and happy to offer a seat? Can drive ('B' lic.) and happy to share petrol and toll costs. I have to go to pick up my car so it would only be for the travel down there. I am flexible re. date/time provided it's in January (the soonest the best).

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Hi I received a new mobile phone for Christmas. Any idea where I can sell my old one, second hand shop or similar? Merry Christmas.

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When do Sales start in Luxembourg. And in France?

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Luxembourg offers various transport alternatives for Christmas and New Year. The information about bus services including City Night Bus can be found on the InfoPAGE: Bus Services in Luxembourg Timetables can be also found here Merry Christmas

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Would someone be in the same situation ? My son was supposed to come over from London by Eurostar on Saturday. And I would have picked him up in Brussels. We secured a replacement ticket for Tuesday (tomorrow) morning, but considering today's new cancellations, I presume it will be chaotic again tomorrow. I read that we are entitled to a refund, a free ticket and £150 compensation. We paid for the ticket using our traveller's card points, so how does the refund work ? No need to say that all the telephone lines re engaged...

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Where can I find a book guide to living in Luxembourg? Activities, music, theatre ?

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