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Does anyone know whom to call to fix a washer/Dryer.  

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Hi  my wife just loking job as house clining so if you nead just inbox me thanks

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Hello, I have an i-phone 4, locked to Orange UK, and I'd assumed I could used an Orange sim bought here in Luxembourg. I can't! (Discovered this after buying the sim, and they won't refund me despite assuring me it would work fine, but that's another story...) Does anyone know of a place I could have the i-phone unl;ocked, please? Thanks. 

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Wonder if any has kids taking IGCSE at St Georges. Can you give me any insight into how you feel about it? Standard of teaching, class size etc Thanks

started by: Jess12984 · last update: 1440675688 · posted: 1440342430

hi all!   looking for early morning exercise classes - around 6.30/7am - in Lux city. Anyone aware of where i can start looking? Thanka! 

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Hello!!I have just moved to Luxembourg and I would like to learn French I have studied it a little in the past but I have forgotten everything. I have not really been able to practice. In exchange, I would be willing to help you improve your Italian language skills. I think this is a nice way to learn a language and meet new peopleI'm also interested to do exchange in English/French, My English is fluent but I would like to improve.please send a  message me if you are interested werdgiase1@gmail.com Andrea

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Hi, I am moving to Luxembourg shortly and am looking for advice on smartphones in Lux. If I buy  smartphone (outside of Lux) and unblock it, presumably I will be able to buy a sim card (for pay as you go) from one of the three network providers? Thanks, J

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Aller Badminton Club Summer Holiday Program Monday to Friday at 14.00 to 16.00 Week 1: July 27- July 31 Week 2: August 24- August 28 Week 3: August 31- September 4   Suitable for all abilities, from ages 5 and over. Any ONE Week = €140 (€28 per day) 5 days Any TWO Weeks = €260 (€26 per day) 10 days All THREE Weeks = €360 (€24 per day) 15 days   3 weeks Incudes a gift of your own set of rackets to take home! For extra siblings during the same weeks, enjoy a 25 % discount for the second child! Refer a Friend and you both sign up for the same weeks, Get 10 % discount each!   Our normal rate for a 2 hour session is €30 so take advantage of this incredible offer! Email aller.sports@gmail.com or call May on +352661271653 to reserve https://www.facebook.com/allerbadminton    

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Hello! I am living in Grevenmacher (willing to travel to Luxembourg).  I have studied German Language upto level B2 and need to practice it before giving a test for job.  In exchange, I would be willing to help you improve your English language skills.  I think this is a nice way to learn a language and meet new people so please do message me if you are interested!! Thanks.

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Hi, I like to cook, and follow a low-carb lifestyle. Would anyone like to get together and try new recipes or cooking methods?  Cooking, eating, chatting, possibly shopping... I think that could be fun! My schedule is flexible. I'm a female in my 40's in Grevenmacher. luxsuccess@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon!  

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Who to talk to about harassment in the workplace?

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Hi has anyone had any experience with a storage facility that you can have access to in or close to Luxembourg??

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We need to store maybe 1/2 bedroom's worth of stuff--maybe 10 boxes, a table and three chairs--for the month of September. We are in Belair and have no idea where to go or who to call. Does anybody have a garage that will be empty at that time? We're willing to pay reasonable compensation. Or does anybody know of a self-storage facility that we could use? It's not a lot of stuff.

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I am doing a bike ride in aid of a local charity and when I asked my Luxembourg colleagues to sponsor me they either said no or gave a paltry couple of Euro's thankfully the international colleagues have been far more generous.  - Is it just the lot I work with or are they all mean ??

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Hi everyone,    My partner and I will be moving to Luxembourg around May/June time due to wok. I was wondering what it is like trying to find a job there as an architect or interior designer with only English language skills. I plan on brushing up on my French (only studied fFrench at school level) and learning German from scratch too.  Any suggestions, help and/or comments would be useful!  Thanks :)

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Hi! Any expierience with them? Would you recommend internet.lu? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

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We need to move our household items from Luxembourg to the UK by the cheapest way possible.  We can pack and put everything ourselves into a truck.  It would be more contents than your general Sprinter rental van.  Does anyone know how to go about doing this without hiring  full-service movers?   

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Anybody interested in having UK and us tv in Luxembourg ? Don't hesitate to contact me

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Hello, My wife and I are planning to move from Luxembourg for about a year. Since we don't want to waste our time (and money) on selling our furniture and rebuy it later when we return here, does anybody know if there's some kind of a storage in Lux where we could keep our furniture in the meantime? Thanks in advance, Ivan

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