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Is there a set of fixed rates for taxi;s over here, only moved here las week and had to fly to London for a meeting so on my return tonoght I got a taxi from the airport and got charged twice as much as the one I got to the airport - is there anywhere I can check the fares out or was I just unlucky to get a ri off merchant?  Has anyone else experienced this ?  I am sick of being ripped off and am sure it is because I am foreign.

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Dear All, My name is Komal and I have a 2 year old daughter with Downs Syndrome. I want to know the education system and the medical facilities  (Physio, Speech and Occupational Therapy) available in Luxembourg. Also the cost of these facilities including special needs or general schooling. I currently live in India however planning to move to Luxembourg for the development of my daughter. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me with the required information. Thanks and Regards, Komal

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Hi can anybody recommend a good professional or high quality amateur wedding photographer? I am getting married September 6 and finding someone to photograph the event at the mairie in Walferdange is getting really diffcult. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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I gather that there is an exhibition on at the Luxembourg City's Place Guillaume II about Ukraine under conflict and in one photo of a Ukrainian fighter of the Azov unit it shows the symbols of  Nazi symbols that were used by the SS, not only this but the Azov have been accused of war crimes committed by them including abduction of victims, as well as possible executions. Is this really the sort of behaviour that we should be promoting and I for one hope that the city comes to it's senses and bans this exhibition.

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I'm looking for a replacement for myself for a beautiful modern & spacious 1 bedroom apartment (approximately 60 m2) located in Luxembourg Belair. I need to sell my furniture to the future tenant (great condition, price negotiable). Everything must go - I'm leaving Luxembourg 15.7. There is an agency fee of one month.  The apartment is on top floor, open plan kitchen and living room, newly refurbished, storage, cellar, loft. Fully equipped kitchen including oven, dishwasher, fridge, microwave.Price per month is 1,050 + 150 euros for charges (water, heating, cleaning and maintenance of the common zones).Please contact me if you are interested: Andrea Valova, Mob.: 661 82 10 88

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Hi,   I have a resident Permit of Luxembourg, do i need a visa to visit UK? Note- I am not a EU national.

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Hi! Can anyone recommend me a moving company to move from Scotland (Aberdeen) to Luxembourg, and give me an idea how much it costs? Cheers!

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For all Brits living outside UK, here is an opportunity to voice your concerns about our status should the UK withdraw from Europe http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/may/18/are-you-seeking-a-second-passport-or-nationality-because-of-concerns-over-the-uks-eu-status

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Hi, does anyone know if there is any 24 hour grocery shop in Luxembourg?

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Hello All We are moving from Luxembourg within next few months Does anyone know of a company/  removals service  whereby our personal belongings  could be transported /  mailed by sea ?? Thanking you in advance Ann  

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Hello. Can anyone recommend a good maths tutor for a European school 7th year student in preparation for the final Baccalaureat exams in June? Please reply by email if you can help. Many thaks.

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Anyone out there with a van or truck avaialble to help with a pickup of a scooter in Brussels and return to Lux tomorrow. Payment in cash.   

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I am an NON-EU citizen. I am residing in Germany from past 3.5 years. I did my Master of Science in Computer Science from German University. Now I am about to receive a job offer from a company in Luxembourg. I would like to apply for EU Blue Card after receiving my job contract in Luxembourg. I have few questions:1. What is the minimum salary for a Software Engineer to apply for Blue Card in Luxembourg?2. How long will it take to get a Blue Card in Luxembourg?3. I want to bring my spouse who is also a NON-EU citizen, immediately after getting Blue Card. Is this possible? because I read that I should be residing in Luxembourg for at least \"12 months\" before bringing my wife to Luxembourg. Since I am already residing in Germany (EU member country) for more than 3.5 years, is that \"12 month\" condition still apply for me?4. If I cannot bring my spouse immediately, what options I have to bring my spouse as soon as I get my Blue Card?5. Can I apply for Blue Card in Germany with a job contract from Luxembourg? Is this allowed?

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I am interested in developing my English language skills.  I speak french and my english is at the intermediate level.  I currently live in Arlon but am willing to travel into Luxembourg for informal lessons.  If you are interested in helping me or know where I could get more information please email me.   Thank you, Deya     salimatadeya@yahoo.fr    

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Hi, I'm 28 guy and  I've been living in Lux for nearly 2 years. But I'm also always happy to meet new people. Do you want to go out drink a beer or coffee? Tomasz

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Hello!!  I have just moved to Luxembourg and I would love to learn French.  I have studied it a little in the past but I have forgotten a lot as I have not really been able to practice.  In exchange, I would be willing to help you improve your English language skills.  I think this is a nice way to learn a language and meet new people so please do message me if you are interested!! All the best, Theresa    

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Hi, we are moving to Luxembourg end of May for three years, from London and are looking at St. George's School as it looks the most similar to the UK system. From previous boards I've seen a mixed response over the quality of teaching. I would be grateful for any recent thoughts. Our children are in reception and year two. Thank you.   

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Have any Americans on this forum gone through the porcess of reclaiming your citizenship with lineal ancestry? I am keen to get started doing this asap. My great-grandmother was born in Luxembourg and came to the U.S. in the early 20th century. Also I have two great-great-grandparents born in Luxembourg. I'm so excited to get dual-citizenship so I can move to Luxembourg, find a job and study a foreign language. Seriously a dream come true. Has anyoen been through this process and can offer advice? What is my first step? What documentation do I need to get about my family? Thanks everyone!

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Hi,  can anyone help me to tell me when I can change the winter tires for the car to Summer tires    Thanks 

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Hello. I'm moving to Luxenbourg this summer. I have 2 kids that are currently in an IB SCHOOL. I would like for them to continue in this system. Does any body know the International School of Luxenbourg and Lycee Athennee? Lycee Athenee offers the IB from grades 10-12. While the international School is K-12. Does anyone have recomendations?  Thanks, daniela

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