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Hi All, we just moved to Luxembourg, before we came, we have been stayed in Denmark for 4 years. I still do not know how the healthy system works here. In Denmark, everyone or every family has your own GP/ family doctor to take care of you, but I do not know in Luxembourg should I find a family doctor for my family or not?As I have heard so far, in Luxembourg, you can make a appointment with any doctor you want, is it correct?How does it work for a baby, do I need to find the same pediatrician every time, or I can also change every time.Thanks. I would like to hear your suggestion and confirmation. Thanks a lot.I am more concerning about my son, since he is only 2 year old. I probably will bring him to see the doctor much more often than I and my wife do.Thanks :)

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Hi everyone!  First time poster and I found this forum via a search for information about an upcoming move.  I am being relocated by my work for a 18-24 month assignment and they're handling all of my paperwork, taxes, healthcare, etc.  The challenge that I'm facing is that I'm currently looking at ways to facilitate bringing my girlfriend with me on this little adventure.  She is pregnant with our first child and we'd like to be in Luxembourg to deliver the baby.  So the biggest thing we're trying to figure out is how to get her in the country for longer than 3 months and how we make sure that she has insurance to cover the maternity/birth process.  Looked at private insurance and that's not really an option since she is already pregnant.  I suspect that PACS is a path that we should investigate, but I'm struggling a bit with the process being an expat and can't tell if we would be able to get her on the Lux health care system since I'll be on private International insurance.Any suggestions/help would be very welcomed!-Wes

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I need a little help with my small business. I work in the beauty industry and need an occasional help. So if anybody has an interest in this field and is looking for occasional work around family or studies or some additional little income at end of them month just contact me. Offer is operand to both men and women and experienced or beginners

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Hello, I am looking for a space to rent (or for free), a quiet one, preferably with a carpet on a floor or a wooden floor, which I would use for stress reduction meet-ups. Can anyone help?Thanks for any helpful comments!

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Hello, Could anyone recommend a good physiotherapist for back pain? Thank you

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Hi All, Recently moved to Lux and wanted to know is there was somewhere a listing of English speaking doctors in Lux. I am living in the Belair / Merl area.

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Could anybody recommend a good English-speaking dentist in Luxembourg? please email to maypas@gmail.com Many thanks!

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Bought the exercise bike about a year ago or less and have barely used it. It's perfectly good it just wasn't for me. Bought it off Amazon for EUR 130 and selling for EUR 90  Pease get in touch if interested. I can email over pictures etc to anyone who is keen.

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Hello, I am looking for an hairstylist to come to my place and do my hair (cut, color, brushing..) I live near lorentzweiler THanks

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if the sauna at Badanstalt is with or without clothes?  I know Coque and Les Thermes are but no idea about the VDL ones! Thanks, Mike.

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Dear All, I am desparately looking for the LUX Labour Code ("Code de Travail") in English. I have googled the entire internet for it and only found bits and pieces. In addition, I wonder if anyone has detailed knowlede/ information on sick leave rules. Currently I am on sick leave but I would like to travel back home (Hungary) for Christmas/ New Year's Eve. Already talked to lots of people and also combed the internet (especially cns.lu) for details but the relevant stuff is available only in French. I am simply not able whether I can leave (i.e. travel abroad) my address in Germany registered by CNS. Thanks, Gabor      

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It appears that I walk in the park or the forest could expose you and your children to tick bites and Lyme disease: http://www.wort.lu/fr/luxembourg/enquete-la-maladie-de-lyme-au-luxembourg-563326490da165c55dc4c3ce What you can do? Better information and prevention  - please sign the online public petition: http://www.chd.lu/wps/portal/public/PetitionDetail?action=doPetitionDetail&id=569  

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A family member  and their  family will be moving to stay with us in Luxembourg.  They will not be employed  and will stay for less than 3 months. They have found out that it will cost 107 euros per family member to join the Luxembourg health care system and that they cannot ask for any reimbursement until after 3 months has expired.  As they plan to be here for less than 3 months this will not work.  Can anybody recommend any other private insurance company ? or any other valuable information.   Thanking you    

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Could anyone please recommend a very good dentist who specialises in root canal treatments? Many thanks,

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Anyone could recommend a good but simple (no beauty salon) men's hairdresser in Luxembourg City/Kirchberg area?

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Hi  Does anyone know where can go to thread my eyebrows here in Luxembourg? Thanks a lot for your help!  

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a professional cosmetologist who works well with fillers (Surgiderm for example)? Luxembourg, Germany... Thank a lot Elly

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Hi,  I was wondering if anyone goes/ has gone  to crossfit at Hamm? I'm tempted to join but have to admit I find it a bit intimidating! Also, it's quite pricey. . .I'm wondering if it is worth the money? Please feel free to share your experience of crossfit - it would be much appreciated! :-) 

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a cardiologist who is supportive of a monitoring/prevention approach. I have a stent in place so have a bucketful of medications for various side-effects and to maintain stent. I like to have 6-9 monthly checks that all is well given life here is high-stress and my age (73). I only speak English. Live in the West side of City. Can anyone advise? Thanks

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Hi everybody! I am looking for a good (semi permanent by preference, i.e. Shellac or OPI etc) and in a reasonable price mani and pedi. If you know a lady that goes or accept at her place or an institut, pls send me a pm. Thank yu very much in advance!

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