How the healthy system works in Luxembourg, as for a foreigner

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Hi All, we just moved to Luxembourg, before we came, we have been stayed in Denmark for 4 years. I still do not know how the healthy system works here. In Denmark, everyone or every family has your own GP/ family doctor to take care of you, but I do not know in Luxembourg should I find a family doctor for my family or not?As I have heard so far, in Luxembourg, you can make a appointment with any doctor you want, is it correct?How does it work for a baby, do I need to find the same pediatrician every time, or I can also change every time.Thanks. I would like to hear your suggestion and confirmation. Thanks a lot.I am more concerning about my son, since he is only 2 year old. I probably will bring him to see the doctor much more often than I and my wife do.Thanks :)

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