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Hi we are in the middle of purchasing a house in Luxembourg relocating from GB . Its a new build so will have no fencing it has large back garden.We have 3 dogs so the priority is to have fencing up and a gate to keep them contained in the garden.I always like to work by recommendations it always works best for us . So can anyone recommend someone who erects fences and gates in Luxembourg who speaks English.

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Can someone please recommend a seamstress who can alter some trousers which need taking in at the waist?

started by: Mirna-10062624 · last update: 1495774815 · posted: 1495774814

Hello, I'm looking for cleaning houses for two more days to fulfill my whole week. No less than 4 hours and more. You can contact me at telefon 661 456 333 or email me at mirnaalt56@gmail.comThank you in advance. 

started by: Sneza-993933 · last update: 1493022007 · posted: 1493022006

I search for job to clean houses and ironing.  for price we will make a dealI have 47 years and i live in Luxemburg

started by: Bojana-Denic-874386 · last update: 1488841701 · posted: 1488841701

Hi ..I am Bojana . I Need a  job (cleaning,ironing or babysitter ) . If u interested please contact me an phone number 691808360 ,email adress :bojana_denic@yahoo.com

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hello everybody  .i am Bojana and i wanted extra work cleaning,ironing or babysitter . i needed any work . if u interested please send me mesages in email adress bojana_denic@yahoo.com or number phon 691808360. thanks a lot    

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Hello,I need a certified electrician who speaks English. I need electricity installation for a garage.If you ever work with such a company/person in Luxembourg please recommend me one.Thank you

started by: Lied-Rodriguez-883753 · last update: 1484914440 · posted: 1484914440

Hi there,we're looking sor a serious, hard worker, trustworthy person, who can come to our appartment (Luxembourg city) once or twice a week, to clean it. If you know someone who match this search or you do that job yourself, AND you have references, send me a text message or an e-mail, liedsucha@gmail.com,  691995257. Thanks for reading!Lied

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I wanted job to clining and maintenance haouse691920180email : snezana.kv@hotmail.com

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Hi Everyone,Can anyone recommend a reputable moving company I could use to help my husband and I move house? We are moving within Luxembourg City. We will need help transporting and carrying all of our furniture to the new apartment.Thanks!

started by: valentina-maiore-872540 · last update: 1477423295 · posted: 1476874647

Hi guys. do you have any suggestion to find an apartment for temporary period? Apart AIRBNB.Thanks

started by: luxembourgshopper-890683 · last update: 1476644254 · posted: 1475647819

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced company that will provide a energy certificate in order to sell a house.  After speaking to several people, it seems the price ranges from 500 - 1300 euros.  Any help much appreciated.

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Anyone had experience with a good reliable renovation company? Replies gratefully received.

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An hardworking man searching  for domestic jobs,this include cleaning,gardening, ironing jobs etc

started by: Flavio-Ferri-868224 · last update: 1472851848 · posted: 1472501902

Hello everybody,I need to renovate the bathroom and other small adjustement in the appartment. Do you know anybody who could recommend somebody from DIRECT OWN experience?Thanks a lot in advanceFlavio

started by: violet_9 · last update: 1471864755 · posted: 1469020758

Hi everyone,i am looking for an experienced cleaning lady that is able to clean an apartment of +/- 65 sqm in no more than 2 hours per week.I speak italian, english, french and a bit of german, my preference would be someone who can speak english (or italian).Needs to be comfortable with pets as i have a cat.Thanks,Valentina

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Hi,I'm moving to Luxembourg in mid September and before that date I plan to visit Luxembourg to view some flats. In London, where I live currently, it will be enough to start looking for a flat just a week or two before planned move however I guess that the market in Luxembourg might be different. When I look at atHome or immotop websites I see that majority of flats are available immediately or from August the latest so I thought about coming there in August only but, on the other hand, I am afraid that it's a holiday season so literally everything will be closed then.Summing up, when would you suggest me to come to Lux for 'flat hunting' trip? Is July really better than August in this regard? I need to plan such a trip in advance so I'd be grateful for your advice.Thanks in advance!Michal

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Hello everyone,I am moving out and need to sell urgently my almost new couch (only 4 months used) because I am going back to my country and the transport to transport it to there is too expensive for me.The couch is convertible into double bedroom and has also storage place under the seats + 3 grey pillows included It's in perfect condition - almost new, bought from IKEA 4 months agomodel of the couch is ASARUM - 3 places price: 95 eurosI am also selling a very nice coffee table and chair, which I will give as a bonus to the one that buys the couch. Send me an  email, to the email address below , so that I can send you picturesP.S sorry to post here, I am in a big hurry and need to sell quickly before going back.. For contact: + 352 691 506 022 email : nellycankova@hotmail.com

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Room for rent in Hollerich, 15 min walking distance from city center, near cloche d'or and Kirchberg. Available June 1st onwards.. Special price for a month. For short terms, few days, weeks, or max 3 months. Visit our apartment on Airbnb!https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/7003100

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Dear all,I am offering cleaning services in the area of Luxembourg. If you need help for house work, ironing or babysitting. Reference available on request.Thank you in advance.Kind regards,Katarinaonurcic23@gmail.com661 232 548

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