Are you moving either UK to Lux or Lux to UK at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb 2013?

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I'm moving my stuff from Bristol to Luxembourg at the end of January 2013/beginning of February 2013. Does anyone need anything moved either UK to Lux (almost half the van will be empty) or Lux to UK (the entire van will be empty) around this time and would like to save money on transporting costs by sharing with me? The van holds approximately 500cubic feet (enough for a 1 bed flat). It will be passing through eastern counties, London and towards the South West so any destination along or just off of this route is entirely possible. Depending on manpower required and extent of detour - cost will be in region of £475 + VAT for the return 50% share of the journey (includes costs for 1 man, tolls, insurance and ferry crossing). Mover to provide final quote depending on changes/detour etc. Utterly reliable and professional man and van that i have used many times before (for more testimonials see


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