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Have I done something wrong? It is the second time I am putting my blue bags outside and they don't pick them up - the rest of the street have been collected. Cheers.


arzu ozger zoethout 1266613444

Are you sure you filled your blue bag only with the stuff which is indicated on the blue bag itself like only plastic upto 5 liters & etc. Cheers

gign 1266698083

I did not even notice the pictures/drawings! I just put all plastics in there. At the townhall, they just told me it was for plastic, so I put all plastic. I now realise it's also for cans! Let's sort again and I'll bin the rest in the black one. :-)

j-y 1266753364


You might not want to put the plastics that are not accepted in the blue bags in the black bin. There are collection centres for these. Have a look at this INFOrmation page: Recycling in Luxembourg

If you follow the basic principles described, your black bin will always be almost empty!

gign 1266948970

Thanks j-y. I didn't realise it was so complex, but still simple. Basically, they have a solution for almost any refuse. Like it :-)

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