Firewood - where can I buy a load???

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Hi - just moved to Lux. Looking to buy a load of firewood. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.


Henri-4922 1266323169

I haven't tried and don't know the prices, but I noted this place when walking the dogs near Steinfort. Drive by the national road from Luxembourg to Steinfort. In the city-centre at the traffic light turn right and drive about half a mile before turning left (tennis signposted). Park your car opposite the indoor tennis courts. There is a big blue tyre factory just opposite. Walk about 500 yards in the wood to the first old house on the left (2 donkeys). Behind the house you find a wood seller. He is not often on site but there is a big sign with his mobile telephone number. The house is most of the time empty so don't waste your time ringing the bell. Whether he speaks English is another story. Hope this helps.

Mimi-4924 1266352814

I know this place in Steinfort, it's called "Schwaarzenhaff" and lies along the bicycle track. They have huge amounts of firewood. There is car access to the place.

sam schiffmann 1266441888

Sorry but I cant tell you where to buy but would recommend that when you order it you ask for it to be stacked! It will cost a bit more but worth it.

About 10yrs ago my husband ordered wood for us and didnt ask for it to be stacked. The load was dumped near (not in front) of our garage blocking entry to 2 other garages. Took me about 3 hours to move it all into the garages (was 7 months pregnant at the time).

Just remembered Hornbach sometimes has crates of chopped wood out front.

fedo-4988 1266763743

Try this number 83 67 72 (private) in the evening.

Neil-5095 1266841582

I've just read 2 different ads in a Luxembourgish newspaper. They might be of interest to you.

Ad 1: Selling firewood 40 cm, delivered, minimum 6 m3, phone 0033 (3) 82 26 67 08

Ad 2: Selling firewood 33 cm, 50 cm, 1 m, delivered, phone 0033 (6) 83 55 16 37

Good luck!

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