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Dear all, I am looking for someone who could fix our sofas.  The kids have jumped on them one too many times and the center support under the sofa has come undone.  Do you know of someone who could fix them?  They are leather sofas of very good quality so I would like to fix them rather than buy new ones?   Thanks, Heather  


Keira-6265 1452541648


my husband is a carpenter, if the sofa is wood underneath, he could have a look and repair it.


Is it possible to send a picture of it?


Thank you



heather.blahnik 1452553351

Hi Keira,

It is wood underneath.  I have taken off a few of the staples holding the dust cover, although I didn't remove it all.  I can't attach a photo here, but I could send it via facebook if you message me (Heather Blahnik Luxembourg).

Thanks for your reply!


gerodim 1452603470

I am about to have the same problem for exactly the same reason.

Could you send me your husbands contact information for when the time comes?

Keira-6265 1452620197

Hello Heather,


I have add you as a friend in facebook ( Keira Ketta) so you can send me the picture of the broken sofa or via my email,

Many thanks




Keira-6265 1452620879

Hello, my husband's email is, send him an email whenever you need to fix/ repair any wooden furniture.

Many thanks


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