Moving to Luxembourg in September - when should I start looking for a flat?

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Hi,I'm moving to Luxembourg in mid September and before that date I plan to visit Luxembourg to view some flats. In London, where I live currently, it will be enough to start looking for a flat just a week or two before planned move however I guess that the market in Luxembourg might be different. When I look at atHome or immotop websites I see that majority of flats are available immediately or from August the latest so I thought about coming there in August only but, on the other hand, I am afraid that it's a holiday season so literally everything will be closed then.Summing up, when would you suggest me to come to Lux for 'flat hunting' trip? Is July really better than August in this regard? I need to plan such a trip in advance so I'd be grateful for your advice.Thanks in advance!Michal


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