Possiblity of fraud from so called property owner!

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Hi, While looking for an accommodation in Luxembourg, i posted adv on Justlanded.com. I got few responses from property owners who are not living in Luxembourg and have moved to some other country for work.1. One of them is offering such a beautiful apartment at very affordable rates in the heart of the city, that i couldnt believe and i searched for the apartment images in google and to my surprise i found exactly the same images in some apartment in brussels. So it looks to me a fraud. 2. One of them suggested that they will send me a signed rental agreement which i will review, sign and send them back and also transfer the deposit money to their account after which they will send me the keys. I understand this is not safe at all and there are high chances of fraud involved in this as well. Looking at these too things, i am just worried and want to understand what all i should take care while looking for a rented accommodation:-1. First, should i even deal in such cases where the owner is not physicaly present? 2. In case we deal with such cases, how to validate the identity of owner and make sure that you are not getting into any kind of fraud?3. What all i shud take care while signing an agreement especially in the cases, where we are not dealing directly with owners?4. If i dont have any bank account in Luxembourg (as i am cmoing to Lux for the first time and opening bank account which might take soem time), should i pay the deposit in cash?5. Should i ever directly transfer money to owners account or a joint account should be opened and then transfer the money into that account? Which is the safest way to deposit the amount?Really appreciate if anyone can help. RegardsDassKhands


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I can't speak to the financial side, but I would never rent a place I haven't seen. If you get a showing, the place IS physically there. So that'd be one step in the entire process. Hopefully someone else can speak to the "how to avoid financial fraud" piece.

Wishing you the best of luck.

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This kind of fraud is quite common around the world. Sounds like it too, in your case.

Always ensure someone is present. ie. owner or appointed agent

Do not transfer a deposit to their bank account or give cash. If you are just arriving, and wanting to rent, I assume you have a work contract. If you do, get a bank account opened, and ensure you get money tansferred in equivalent to the deposit needed. Then ask the bank to do a bank guarantee. This is an account that neither you nor the owner can have access to during the time of the rent and can only be released when both parties give consent.

In terms of the contract, if it is longer than 3 years, I believe, the owner cannot force you to redecorate at the end of the lease unless there is wear and tear above and beyond the norm.

Hope that helps

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