Selling a very nice, almost new, couch - convertible into double bedroom

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Hello everyone,I am moving out and need to sell urgently my almost new couch (only 4 months used) because I am going back to my country and the transport to transport it to there is too expensive for me.The couch is convertible into double bedroom and has also storage place under the seats + 3 grey pillows included It's in perfect condition - almost new, bought from IKEA 4 months agomodel of the couch is ASARUM - 3 places price: 95 eurosI am also selling a very nice coffee table and chair, which I will give as a bonus to the one that buys the couch. Send me an  email, to the email address below , so that I can send you picturesP.S sorry to post here, I am in a big hurry and need to sell quickly before going back.. For contact: + 352 691 506 022 email :


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