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Hi, I am moving to Luxembourg for long term in September 2012. I am looking out for rented accommodation. I am exploring different options to stay in and around Luxembourg. I cannot afford anything more than 400-500 euros per month (including other charges). I dont know from where do i start. Would appreciate if someone can answer my queries:-1. My work location is Luxembourg. Which are the cities / villages around Lux where i can get good house/apartments at affordable rates? I would prefer travelling time of not more than 1 hr for one way 2. Should i look for furnished/unfurnished ones? Which option is more cost effective? Is it easy to setup an unfurnished house? Do we get good deals on resale items?3. Since i will be staying alone for some time till my husband gets a job, from the saftey point, should i look for accommodation outside Luxembourg?Help would be appreciated. RegardsDassKhands


ycherne 1341609244

Hi DassKhands,

Luxembourg is a very safe city and country to stay in. As a single person, I would maybe avoid any flats that are at ground level in the city, just to be sure. So anything half a floor up or higher should be extra safe. As far as not commuting longer than an hour, you can probably live anywhere in the country except maybe the far north. In the southern part, you could probably even live in Germany, France, or Belgium, and commute to Lux. city if you don't have to change buses or trains.

All of Luxembourg is expensive. For the amount listed, you would probably only get a room in a house. As far as apartments, I've noticed that some furnished ones are not really more expensive than non-furnished. (I'm currently looking to move back to Lux., so have looked at lots of listings.) I'm not sure about setting up furnishings yourself, but I don't think it's really cheap either unless you know someone personally who is moving.

I have not looked everywhere but rent across the border in Germany seems to be about half that of Luxembourg, and you might be able to get a small studio there for that amount. I don't know about France or Belgium. There are lots of listings at or

I hope that helps a bit. Maybe others know more about the cost of the border town in Belgium or France.

And one more thing: I've emailed a few of the listing I found and not heard back. I hope they respond better if you call them (I'm not there yet, just testing waters so far).

Oh, and I grew up in Lux. and my relatives still live there, so I'm only half an expat, just to clarify where I'm coming from.

I hope this works out for you.

ycherne 1341695326

This might help as is a company I came across that rents short term, and this is their list of what's available:

DassKhands 1341740131

Hello, Thanks for your reply. Do you know any web sites for (Trier, Arlon, Konz) or other means where property owners directly post the ads for rented properties? Real estate agents seems to be charging too high as the commission.


maggie77 1341749179

Hi, good luck with your search, we found that yes you can get cheaper apartments across the boarder. The only thing I would say is be sure to check what your unemployment benefit would be in the country you choose because it is not the same as when you are resident in Luxembourg. Whilst this may sound somewhat pessimistic given you are just arriving , it is a very important factor to take into account given the economic climate at the moment.

ycherne 1341779128

This web site seems to have some listings that say 'no agency fee', but I've used it for Luxembourg only. You can set the location for Germany or France, but the nice thing about Lux. is that the country is so small; I don't know if you can zero in on different areas within France or Germany:

I was also not sure if you were looking for something temporary just for you at first and then possibly move to somewhere else when your family arrives. If so, you could certainly start with a smaller place in Germany or France and then find your permanent place when your family arrives and you can go look at places together. You also wouldn't have to worry about unemployment regulations like maggie77 pointed out (good point, Maggie, I had not thought of that)

I think I would love to work with some English-speaking expat service when I return to Luxembourg; I'm enjoying this :-)


j-y 1341820945

Appartments or properties announced in the free section of this forum are from individuals, so without agency. You can also post a free classified in this forum under "Real Estate Wanted".

If you arrive in Luxembourg without a work contract, you must ensure that you comply with Luxembourg immigration rules. More information can be found in the various AngloINFO information pages :
Look in particular to the pages related to residency, work permits and unemployment.

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