Why is it that difficult to find apartment without agency fees?

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Finding an apartment in Luxembourg, without passing through an agency is almost impossible.  Why hey is it such a hassle? I guess 99 % of expats in Lux have had this problem. when you rent an Appartment that cost around 1400€ you need almost 5k or 6k!!!!! 3 month of deposit, plus the first month (paid upfront ) plus agency fees to which you have to add 15% tax!!!!!!! The service of the real estate agency is not that good -or let say sometimes NOT good at all!!!!  The bank can put the deposit for you but still is an awful amount of money!!!!!   Why can't they legislate and change this mafia? 

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From a landlord's point of view, it costs nothing to use an agency, and it saves him time and effort.

Yet, from the agency's view, the landlord is considered the customer, not the tenant. Even though it is the tenant that is paying for the "service".

I have had some success in necogiating the agent's fee but this only works for properties that have been on their books for a while and they are keen to shift.

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That the tenant pays the agency fees is Luxembourg convention, not law. However, if an agency tried to charge landlords, he would never get any properties to let. The supply & demand situation means that tenants are prepared pay.

A change in legislation to make agencies free for tenants would need the support of voters. But it is the landlords that are the voters in this country, not the expat tenants.



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