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Hello, everyone! I want to cut a big peace of a tree to a thin slices, like a pancakes. Want to use these slices for the wall decoration.   Maybe you know someone who can come and cut that wood for me? Ready in my garden   Please call 691 81 0531 Alina Thank you)

started by: GJBrownlie · last update: 1430175100 · posted: 1430175100

Hi, Anyone know if, where and how to get a job lot of tree bark for the garden? Normally in a place like this where there is an abundance of forestry, you'd expect piles of free bark lying around for people to help themselves.... Any idea if such a thing like a forestry commission exists? Or if there are large areas of forestry by products? Secondly, does anyone know if the soil here is typically alkaline or acidic in order we get our plant choices spot on! Thanks

started by: Tamara W · last update: 1428104262 · posted: 1427986328

Hi, I'm looking for a cleaning lady twice a week for 4 hours each day. Please have references. I live in limpertsberg. Thanks! Tamara W.  

started by: Anedyhr · last update: 1427824218 · posted: 1427755719

Hi we are looking for a cleaning lady asap for 4-5 hours pr week. live in Contern. Please contact me anedyhr@gmail.com. Looking forward to hear from you.     

started by: franca-996697 · last update: 1426550396 · posted: 1426550396

I sell a cherry wood cabinet for tv (and miscellaneous storage) from Grange for 160€.   

started by: Rosbel · last update: 1426025574 · posted: 1422303612

I have received the annual apartment charges report (Comptes d'Exercice Annuelle) for the apartment I am renting. I would really appreciate if someone could explain clearly what the following types of expensive really mean and which of these if any should be covered by the renter. - ENTRETIEN. - MANTENAINCE AND - MANUTENTION. Thank you in advance,

started by: martinigirl23 · last update: 1425462585 · posted: 1425285237

Hello I am new to Luxemburg having just arrived from UK.Can you let me know what you pay for garden maintenance and cleaning services in Luxemburg.Thanks.

started by: jimil998 · last update: 1425321601 · posted: 1425321601

I am looking for some help with what appear to be field mice in my garden. Over the winter lots of holes and mounds of earth have appeared in the grass. On inspection i saw a furry little rodent, and i am not sure about how you get rid of them. I am hoping someone can explain if I need to get some one to remove them, or if i can just put some poison down. I appreciate any help Regards Jim

started by: AlesSmekal · last update: 1424767679 · posted: 1424297298

Hi, we want to move to a new flat and we want to sell some of our furniture for very good price. 1x big variable couch, 1x small sofa, 3 small  practical drawers. No damage, in very good condition. Some from IKEA. Please contact me on 661200160 or ales.smekal@gmail.com.

started by: luxsale · last update: 1424026410 · posted: 1423951018

Hi I am expecting to move to a new place so looking someone to help move around things from my current appartment So anybody can suggest someone with reasonable price will be great   Cheers

started by: delc78 · last update: 1423232602 · posted: 1422825469

Hello We are a young family living in Mamer and are looking for a reliable cleaning lady who takes initiative to come to our house twice per month, preferably on a Friday to do 5 hours of cleaning / ironing.  If you have references it would be a + Text me with your rate and what day of the week/time would suit you Thank you !

started by: Sabine-944324 · last update: 1423046329 · posted: 1423046329

I'm looking for a job cleaning house for all information, contact E-mail: sabinacetkovic@gmail.comRead more...

started by: cherie-967686 · last update: 1422444748 · posted: 1422444748

Dear Madam/ Sir, allow me to offer you my services, I am a Phd student in Luxembourg and have a lot of free time. For this reasons I decided to offer my help and help you in housholds, cleaning, do the shopping,  pick up children at school or even -drive parents to work and back, take care of your children at any time, ... I have my own car and I am available nonstop, immediately.  I speak Englisg, Czech, Hungarian and German.  I would welcome the opportunity to help you and I am looking forward to hear from you. My phone: +352 671 670 600 Have a nice day.

started by: Hagalaz · last update: 1422289729 · posted: 1422228158

Hi, I am looking for someone that can come to my place in Bettembourg for ironing once per week. If possible I would need some help for the cleaning as well. Is someone interested or can give me any reference? Thanks,  

started by: AdeleG · last update: 1421839956 · posted: 1416335036

Hello, We are looking for a cleaner to clean our 2 bed apartment in Limpertsberg once a week.  We would also appreciate help with the ironing. I would be grateful if anyone could recommend a goood cleaner to us?  Thanks, Adele

started by: Blizzard · last update: 1420565725 · posted: 1420565725

Hi there, I'm to going to start a Traineeship at the European Parliament in Luxembourg, so I'm looking for a room to rent in Luxembourg City. My traineeship will last 5 (full) months, from the 1st of March until July 31. I can also move into the apartment from the end of february. Please note, I'm a student so I'm looking for a room at a reasonable price. Thank you in advance!      

started by: henrba · last update: 1418662966 · posted: 1418460995

Hello, I am looking for a cleaning lady (1-2 times a week) for the family house in Germany, just cross the border - Langsur, near to Wasserbilig. Thanks a lot for your replies. 

started by: rbdavis · last update: 1416954755 · posted: 1416864542

I'm looking for a cleaning lady for my 1 bedroom apartment in Limpertsberg.  I need someone who speaks English and is comfortable with cats.  Hit me up if you know of a good person :). Thanks so much!!

started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1416936273 · posted: 1415581328

Hi. We are thinking about renovation much of our property. If anyone has recent experience and can give advice about - which areas need planning permission (renewal of extension , adding a small conservatory, external stairway to garden, etc.) - recommended workers (extension build, internal walls builders, plumber, electrician, but first of all someone knowlegeable about structural matters, including roof survey). Ideally this would be the same group/individual.   Thanks!    

started by: veldane · last update: 1416852799 · posted: 1416563242

Hi, we are looking for a proffesional cleaning lady for a long-term cleaning help. Reference needed. An appartement in Strassen next to Belle Étoile shopping centre, regularly once a week, approx. 3 hours, preferably Friday. Starting next week. Perfect English is not necessary, but I don't speak French. Other possible languages of communication: German, Czech, Slovak. We are checking out the recommendations to sort out the false ones. Thanks for not trying to cheat. If you can recommend your cleaning lady, thanks for posting the contact here. Veronika  

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