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Hi all! I'm looking for an apartment for rent in Lux, short-term rent (3 months). Any chances someone may be interested to offer his/her apt as moving somewhere else? I heard that there are only long term agreements in Lux (1 year) and if you move out before, you have some great penatlies, etc. Are there any ways to avoid that?   thanks, Mila

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Would someone know where I can find a English version of a Scrabble game in Luxembourg. No second-hand please, it's for a gift...

started by: beatrishelder · last update: 1414865811 · posted: 1414865811

I got several items of furniture, including antiques and oriental cabinets, damaged in the move to Luxembourg and need urgently estimates for the insurance. Any useful address, tip?  thanks! beatrishelder

started by: cinam · last update: 1412727133 · posted: 1412598979

It is one bedroom apartment built in 1980s  (one living room and one bedroom) half equipped (//sofa, big table with 4 seats, bed 140/2000, washing machine// ready to sell ) around 65m2 with garden. 2 min from Auchan.  The price is 1050 EUR (including charges). Available immediately without agency costs 691126889

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I am looking for a window cleaner to clean the outside of my windows every 4-6 weeks. Can anyone recommend a company / person - window cleaner must have long ladder as house is on a slope and top floor is very far from the ground level   thanks for any recommendations or contacts

started by: Globaleye-973874 · last update: 1409215334 · posted: 1409182864

Finding an apartment in Luxembourg, without passing through an agency is almost impossible.  Why hey is it such a hassle? I guess 99 % of expats in Lux have had this problem. when you rent an Appartment that cost around 1400€ you need almost 5k or 6k!!!!! 3 month of deposit, plus the first month (paid upfront ) plus agency fees to which you have to add 15% tax!!!!!!! The service of the real estate agency is not that good -or let say sometimes NOT good at all!!!!  The bank can put the deposit for you but still is an awful amount of money!!!!!   Why can't they legislate and change this mafia? 

started by: chrislux · last update: 1408966226 · posted: 1395395923

I am looking for someone asap to tidy our garden after the winter in Strassen. It's about 6 hours work. I need leaves cleared, hedges cut, weeding and general tidy. Ideally looking for someone with their own garden tools and the ability to remove the garden waist when done. Any recommondations will be welcome.    

started by: mattgambrill · last update: 1408784810 · posted: 1397053610

Hi.  I have a dishwasher that is on the blink, and a plumber recomme^nded by my letting agency who doesn't seem to exist!  Can anyone recommend an english speaking plumber/engineer with some rudimentary (or better) dishwasher expertise? Thanks Matt

started by: meiji · last update: 1408092112 · posted: 1401880964

I need a cleaner to work 4-6 hours per week at my house in Steinsel. Some flexibility is appreciated but not needed in terms of time of work etc.

started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1407848329 · posted: 1407791221

Does anyone have good ideas for its eradication  or legal implications with neighbours? There is a huge area coming closer to my house. The Luxemburger's do not seem concerned about this scurge, which will cause huge problems to infrastructures if it is not tackled soon. Other European countries have government programmes in place to control its advances, but apparently, not here. It is often bought into gardens via compost, bought plants or on heavy machinery. Anyone with interest in the subject, please contact me.  

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Hello everybody, I am searching for an appartment to rent in Luxembourg. I can pay about 800 euros a month for it. I am on my own with a young baby and need an owner willing to accept RMG as payment. Please can anybody help me find a place for us as all the agencies are unable to help! Thank you so much.  

started by: cressida brown · last update: 1404841100 · posted: 1404344923

Hi, can anyone tell me how much estate agent fees cost roughly.  Thank you.

started by: Ruby-925110 · last update: 1404337673 · posted: 1404337673

Anyone know a company that will repair leather sofas please

started by: Tonybear · last update: 1404245619 · posted: 1404167139

Hello After removing some old railings, gates etc - looking to get rid of the scrap - its really good heavy quality. Does anyone know a Scrap metal yard in Lux? Thank you!

started by: aylinalp · last update: 1403195564 · posted: 1399290920

Hi all, I am living in Strassen and looking for a cleaning lady for once in a month. Thank you.

started by: pimanych · last update: 1403195470 · posted: 1398800083

Hello, I am looking for cleaning lady, once a week to clean a big house (around 230 sq.meters) in Crauthem. General cleaning+ironing. Need someone who speaks English. Would appreciate if anyone can recommend a reliable person. Thank you.   Andy

started by: rish1 · last update: 1399221761 · posted: 1399221761

Hi - I'm going to be moving apartment soon and was wondering if anyone has any large/moving boxes they don't need any more. Please let me know! My number is 621 339 152. Thanks! Rishma    

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Hi Does anyone know if there are many other property websites other than www.athome.lu. I have been trying to find a 3/4 bedroom rental house for some time now and it seems like there is little on the market. I want to check whether anyone knows whether the vast majority (e.g. 90%+) of properties in Luxembourg City are on this site? Thanks

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Hello Does anyone know how planning permission works in Lux - do the rules of "Presecedent" apply?   Thank you

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Hello, I am looking for a house to rent in Luxembourg that is within a 35-45 minute commute of my place of work at St George's International School in Hamm, just outside Luxembourg City on the airport side. My family are moving to Luxembourg in July so I need somewhere fairly quickly with the following criteria: 4-5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, or at lease a seperate shower room and WC a garden for the kids to play in, somewhere that will accept a dog (Thoroughbred Welsh Border Collie trained sheepdog) We do not mind living near a town or city but not within a city, in the UK we have always lived in very quiet small villages so this is what we are used to. Please e-mail or respond to this message if you know of anyone who may be in aposition to help or if you have had experience of this before. rtps129@hotmail.com Thankyou. Richard.  

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