started by: AndreaM-948296 · last update: 1394528357 · posted: 1393445287

We are looking for a cleaning lady with previous experience / references. Our need is for 6-8 hours a week. We are an Italian couple with a 2-year old daughter and live in Belair, Luxembourg City. If interested please reply to this posting indicating your email address or telephone number and we will get in touch with you. Best regards  Andrea    

started by: mondlux · last update: 1394297075 · posted: 1394203615

Hello, I just got broken in to - since I have nothing wort stealing- nothing was taken. They did however break my shutter  to get in. Am I responsibly to fix this since I am renting the flat or is the owner since he ownes the shutter. Please get back to me. I don't have insurace for vandalism or theft. Please tell me who should pay to fix this.

started by: Santos-949447 · last update: 1394142774 · posted: 1394142774

Looking for a job cleaning lady until 20h/week  contact phone 621682638 or Leiassousa@hotmail.com Francais , a litle english. Thanks 

started by: gm-7562 · last update: 1393233390 · posted: 1392801533

Hi, I just wanted to write to give a word of warning about a building company. We purchased our apartment from a company called TransImmo. It was to be a new build so we bought into a plan 1.5 years ago. The original completion date was July 2013. Then September 2013. Then delayed to November, then December. Now, end of February 2014 the apartment is still not finished!  The purchase process was pleasant but the construction management has been horrible.  They are very late with the construction. We finally had to sign the receipt of the keys over a month ago as otherwise we would have been without a roof over our head. But still there are many works not completed and they do not seem to care at all. They promise to come and finish, make an appointment and noone shows up. The quality of the construction is such that it was almost impossible to put in a build in closet as the walls were not straight. The floors were not finished. They 'forgot' TV and internet sockets. We had a ventilator over the stove and the construction company did not complete the pipe for the air extraction. They just built a pipe that lead nowhere. There were a lot of promises made that could be done and orders done but once it came time to construct the answer was that they do not know how to do it. One of the workers who worked on our floor actually said that his boss said that it is not important if the floor is not flat... The management company is called CoConsult. The other company that i do not recommend are Decker-Ries. We ordered our sanitary products from them and after receiving the apartment they realised they had forgotten most of our order. 

started by: GJBrownlie · last update: 1393081226 · posted: 1391294789

Hi moving to Lux soon. Can people recommend places to buy bedroom furniture that is not IKEA. Unsure whether Lux only has boutique little places that cost a small fortune or whether there are larger furniture store places - out of town, or over the border Etc. cheers

started by: Kitty70 · last update: 1393038609 · posted: 1391173812

Hi all, like many of you, I am shocked over the housing market here. I am moving from Germany, where it is still a fair market and most landlords attempt to make the flat livable and appealing  for the next tenant. My impression is that in Luxembourg that is not the case? I found a great place I like, but it has carpet, which I would prefer not to have. The landlord didn't note that he would replace or even clean the carpet before the new tenant moves in. The previous people were there for over five years and the carpet is light grey and dirty!  He would only consider to replace part of the carpet, with something like laminate, if the new tenant covers the cost!!  This is horrifying and depressing. Do the landlords really have that much power? They seem to do what they want, and still charge an arm and a leg. I am not a banker, don't work for the EU and am on local contract, so my budget is limited. Is there any recourse in this case, or should I just move on and find another place where I don't have to sink costs into it  to make it livable? Thanks for any tips or heads- up!

started by: beneluxer · last update: 1392411915 · posted: 1391467751

Hi, Would appreciate any recommendations for a reasonably priced and professional building company to undertake a house extension and some renovation work here in Luxembourg? I hear that Luxembourgish builders are extortionately expensive even for the simplest things. So, any Belgian or German companies are equally welcome. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

started by: pimanych · last update: 1390594030 · posted: 1389423291

Dear all, are there any other sources to find a flat or a house to rent besides athome.lu? Like newspapers or websites where we can find ads from direct landlords, not  agencies. Can't say I am happy to pay to  agencies for a search they are not involved but only present on premises just to show them. Thanks a lot Andy

started by: rmassart · last update: 1390051921 · posted: 1350386579

Can someone give me an idea of the the cost of the compulsory insurance when renting a flat in Luxembourg. I think this is referred to as building and fire insurance. I've no idea how much this might cost for  2-3 bedroom flat of around 100m2 with a rent of around 1700Eur/month. Thanks for any info.  

started by: gign · last update: 1389705568 · posted: 1275493688

Could someone explain the actual use of the yellow sticker 'keng reklame weg'. It looks like most mailboxes have got one, so have I, and it doesn't seem to influence in any way the volume of junk mail I receive. It looks like the kind of fashion accessory that everybody must have...

started by: pimanych · last update: 1388978105 · posted: 1388909820

Hello all! We are moving to Luxembourg soon and while collecting all the stuff we take there with us were thinking if we have to take also kitchen equipment (fridge, microwave, washing mashine). Or usually when renting the kitchens are eqipped already? Thank you

started by: pimanych · last update: 1388978053 · posted: 1388912018

Hello all! Arriving to Lux end of February and was wondering if I can rent an apartment for a month. Need at least 1 bedroom flat (we are 3 adults+1 y.o.baby). Tried to find smth, but there are some choices or too far from a city centre or the price is too high (more than 5000 Euros). Could you recommend anything or maybe you have friends who have flats available for our dates?   Thanks in advance, Andy

started by: Cedric-940186 · last update: 1388675062 · posted: 1388675062

Hi all, We are looking to find a flat, one or two bedroom for 1st of April. The best would be in Limpersberg or near the trainstation. Thanks.        

started by: items4sale-7848 · last update: 1387281545 · posted: 1386596902

Hi, We are looking for a gardner to do two days work - general clean up and preparing 2 small planting beds. If you know anyone who would be interested, thanks to let me know.

started by: gabrielaN · last update: 1386673281 · posted: 1386621305

Hi everyone, I am being faced with having to clean childrens' fingerprints off the classic textured Luxembourgish wall, in white! It was easy to do at home, having oil paint on our walls, but what to do here!? Can anyone help? The fingerprints are not really highly visible, but just enough to be noticeable.

started by: mjt89 · last update: 1385928841 · posted: 1385512943

We are looking for a 5 or 6 bedroom apartment in the Limpertsberg or Belair neighborhoods. We are currently three guys and one girl looking for one girl, two girls, or one girl and one guy. Our projected budget is between 700-800€/month all inclusive. We are all young professionals aged 24-27 of different nationalities, and would like to find someone who is similar and plans to be in Luxembourg for at least one year, beginning in January. We are all moving to the city around the beginning of January, so this is a new flatshare, not an established one.

started by: SandraP-932080 · last update: 1384785148 · posted: 1383394594

We are looking for a cleaning lady for 2-3 hours a week to help with drying of the floors, dusting and some ironing. Anytime in the week works. We have two dogs, but they are well behaved. We live in Esch/Alzette.  

started by: ik3304 · last update: 1384371170 · posted: 1384371170

Hi, Does anyone know an English speaking electrician in Luxembourg? Thank you Iryna

started by: KlemenM · last update: 1381277175 · posted: 1380578354

Hello I am looking for somebody with a German address (and a garage) that woudl be willing to lend it to me for the purchases I need to make in germany- the seller does not deliver to Luxembourg. Anybody knows anyone that might be kind enough to offer their help? Of course payment for the assistance is also possible Thanks Klemen

started by: Josephine Camilleri · last update: 1380819728 · posted: 1380794999

Hi We are currently looking for a cleaning lady for around 2/3 hours per week - can be after 5pm during the week or in the weekend. We just want someone who does basic cleaning of the apartment and ironing. We live in Kirchberg. Could anyone let us know if you know someone who could be interested? We also speak French and Italian. Thanks! Josephine & Enrico

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