started by: PeterC-925400 · last update: 1380628590 · posted: 1380279624

Hi all, Looking for advise/suggestions on contacting an English-speaking, reasonably priced gardener to carry out some over-due improvements to my garden before the winter sets in. Also, having big problems with ant-hills throughout the garden! Regards, Peter 

started by: France-4921 · last update: 1380279419 · posted: 1299052018

Hi, Can someone recommend a good gardener for spring trimming and redesign of a patio involving new tiles layout? Thanks

started by: andaradu · last update: 1379531882 · posted: 1379531882

Hi, Can anyone recommend from their own experience a technician to repair a Candy washing machine? Thank you!

started by: pocoloco · last update: 1379158947 · posted: 1378160614

Hi, I'm looking for a cleaning lady for our apartment at Limpertsberg. We want someone to come over once a week for  4-5h. There is no preference for the day. Send me a message with you mobile and I'll call you back.  Nice to have: - references with contact details - sufficient command of english or french or flams or german     Thanks,  Michal & Erica

started by: Joe-8066 · last update: 1379007544 · posted: 1379007544

I need to get rid of an old tractor tyre about 1.5 diameter and very heavy. Was used by previous homeowner in the garden as a plant/shrub pot. It's too big for us to transport anywhere with a large van. Anyone know of where these could be recycled, or anyone who wants one?

started by: meiji · last update: 1377542309 · posted: 1377532138

Hi, I'm looking for a cleaner somewhere around 3-4 hours a week in the centre ville area. Thanks

started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1377184245 · posted: 1377004307

Where can I buy this in Luxembourg?

started by: kate81-913867 · last update: 1375120512 · posted: 1373224684

Can anyone put me in touch with a reliable cleaner to come to my house for a few hours once a week for some basic housework and ironing?

started by: malawi-5535 · last update: 1375057282 · posted: 1375057282

Does anybody know who does this in Luxembourg? Thanks.

started by: Warbie · last update: 1372424776 · posted: 1372424776

Hi, Can anybody recommend a qualified plumber who speaks ago good level of English? Thanks Laura

started by: Gaz160679 · last update: 1372424513 · posted: 1344680560

Need a small job done pretty urgently and require an English speaking plumber. If anyone can recommend anyone, please let me know,Gareth

started by: richard_lindman · last update: 1372259493 · posted: 1371833898

Dear all, My wife and I are looking for a cleaning lady for our apartment in Limpertsberg. We are looking for someone that can clean the apartment and do the ironing once a week for about 3-4 hours. Best regards, Richard

started by: AllyB · last update: 1371231849 · posted: 1371231849

Does anyone know where to find information about the obligations of landlords regarding the fire safety of rentals? I couldn't find anything online... I would like to know if I can ask my landlord to install a fire alarm or a fire escape or something like that. I live in a very old house with a wooden staircase as the only exit. Worrying...

started by: Jenn01 · last update: 1369447469 · posted: 1369447469

Does anyone know where i can buy a flood barrier for a front door. Please let me know   Thanks

started by: Mapper · last update: 1367412654 · posted: 1367348104

I have one of those stone window ledges that has got broken and needs repairing / replacing. Is there someone who offer this service or is there someone you can recommend ?

started by: ddiamond10 · last update: 1365412280 · posted: 1365412280

Hello all, My two best friends and I are searching for a 3 bedroom apartment in or near Luxembourg Centre.  We hope to avoid the heavy agency fee.  If by chance  you have a 3 bedroom apartment you need to rent out, please contact me. We are willing to move from May 1st to whenever we can find an apartment. All three of us have been working in Luxembourg for over a year (Teacher, IT Engineer and Marketing Advisor).  We are searching for an apartment in the price range of 1400-2200 and hope to have 1 parking spot available and a dishwasher. Other than that, we are open and welcoming to anything!  Have a great beginning to Luxembourgish Spring. Cheers, Danielle

started by: chrislux12 · last update: 1364806932 · posted: 1345976928

Has anyone had some parquet laid and could recomend a shop in Lux/ Germany?  I was looking for a shop that sells and can also install the parquet floor as well and at a reasonable price.

started by: Julianna-873075 · last update: 1360330821 · posted: 1358515968

Hi, I am looking for a cleaning lady for a few hours once a week in Germany near Pearl (10 km from luxembourgish boarder).

started by: chrislux12 · last update: 1360179936 · posted: 1358853937

Just wondered if anyone has bought a new kitchen from Thiex in Geichlingen or Mobel Martin in Konz and could recomend them? Can anyone recomend any other kitychen places in Lux or over the border in Germany? Any info much appreicated.

started by: brya · last update: 1359107932 · posted: 1344251133

Hello, does anybody know a cheap way or company to move from Luxembourg to London??

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