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I'm moving my stuff from Bristol to Luxembourg at the end of January 2013/beginning of February 2013. Does anyone need anything moved either UK to Lux (almost half the van will be empty) or Lux to UK (the entire van will be empty) around this time and would like to save money on transporting costs by sharing with me? The van holds approximately 500cubic feet (enough for a 1 bed flat). It will be passing through eastern counties, London and towards the South West so any destination along or just off of this route is entirely possible. Depending on manpower required and extent of detour - cost will be in region of £475 + VAT for the return 50% share of the journey (includes costs for 1 man, tolls, insurance and ferry crossing). Mover to provide final quote depending on changes/detour etc. Utterly reliable and professional man and van that i have used many times before (for more testimonials see www.bristolvanman.co.uk).

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I often go to Arlon for the marche aux puces, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any equivalent antiques and flea markets, that sort of things in or around Thionville and/or Metz. Thanks.

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Hello, I am a 24 y old engineer looking for a furnished room with car parking not far from Colmar Berg. You can reach me by mail at etti488@hotmail.it Regards Ettore

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I will be moving end of September with my 3,5 year old son and I am looking for an apartment: - 2 bedroom - up to 1200 euro plus charges - up to 14km from the city center - ideally without agency Please let me know if you know of something

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Hi, While looking for an accommodation in Luxembourg, i posted adv on Justlanded.com. I got few responses from property owners who are not living in Luxembourg and have moved to some other country for work.1. One of them is offering such a beautiful apartment at very affordable rates in the heart of the city, that i couldnt believe and i searched for the apartment images in google and to my surprise i found exactly the same images in some apartment in brussels. So it looks to me a fraud. 2. One of them suggested that they will send me a signed rental agreement which i will review, sign and send them back and also transfer the deposit money to their account after which they will send me the keys. I understand this is not safe at all and there are high chances of fraud involved in this as well. Looking at these too things, i am just worried and want to understand what all i should take care while looking for a rented accommodation:-1. First, should i even deal in such cases where the owner is not physicaly present? 2. In case we deal with such cases, how to validate the identity of owner and make sure that you are not getting into any kind of fraud?3. What all i shud take care while signing an agreement especially in the cases, where we are not dealing directly with owners?4. If i dont have any bank account in Luxembourg (as i am cmoing to Lux for the first time and opening bank account which might take soem time), should i pay the deposit in cash?5. Should i ever directly transfer money to owners account or a joint account should be opened and then transfer the money into that account? Which is the safest way to deposit the amount?Really appreciate if anyone can help. RegardsDassKhands

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Could someone recommend a good (I mean good) TV specialist for advice and installation of TV satellite or cable.

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Hello I am a mother of 2 and would like to offer my ironing skills for a little pocket money. I can pick up your ironing and bring it back ironed and folded or you can also drop it of and pick up.Greetings

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Hi, I am moving to Luxembourg for long term in September 2012. I am looking out for rented accommodation. I am exploring different options to stay in and around Luxembourg. I cannot afford anything more than 400-500 euros per month (including other charges). I dont know from where do i start. Would appreciate if someone can answer my queries:-1. My work location is Luxembourg. Which are the cities / villages around Lux where i can get good house/apartments at affordable rates? I would prefer travelling time of not more than 1 hr for one way 2. Should i look for furnished/unfurnished ones? Which option is more cost effective? Is it easy to setup an unfurnished house? Do we get good deals on resale items?3. Since i will be staying alone for some time till my husband gets a job, from the saftey point, should i look for accommodation outside Luxembourg?Help would be appreciated. RegardsDassKhands

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Hi I need a good plummer to do a small job at my home.If you know of one, or are one, please call me at 621 505 584.Regards,Bjorn

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Looking to buy tree bark to put in the garden..Anyone who know where we can get it at a decent price?

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We've got an Orange internet subscription with a wifi modem. We are supposed to get 5 megas, but usually it's closer to 3 Megas (we tested many times with http://www.degrouptest.com/test-debit.php). If we connect 2 Macs at the same time and one is trying to watch sth on youtube or streaming in general, the speed becomes irritatingly slow. Perhaps a silly question, but I understand that it would be possible to increase the wifi signal by using a device such as a Devolo amplifier that would work on electrical wiring. Can someone explain how (and if) it works? And where could I possibly find a secondhand device in Luxbg?

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Does anyone know the rules for having a garden bonfire? I seem to remember there were months when you could and months that you couldn't.

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HI, I'm moving to smaller house and so I need maybe to store some furniture for about 6 months. Can anyone recommend a self storage place in Lux or maybe Belgium (south - Arlon area)? I'm looking for the lowest cost option - I don't need access or heating/ventilation etc. Love to hear from you if you know of something.Thanks!

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I'm looking for any job. I have experience in renovating, painting walls, laying of parquet, gardening.I finished music school. I worked in the advertising company and the NGO sector.very successfully in Bosnia and Herzegovina.But now I need to do any job.

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I would be really interested to know whether there is one ecological dry cleaner in town. In fact there are eco car washers using special products and almost no water, but I never heard about a dry cleaner that would use eco friendly "chemicals". Any idea?

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I usually find bulbs, seeds and plants in general extremely overpriced in Luxembourg - at least the places I'm going to. Would someone have a good idea where to go ??

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Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a company to fit replacement windows - double-glazing/security glass, etc... Can anyone help? Regards,

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Electrical lawn mower with catcher. Good working condition. €50 o.n.o.

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Would someone have any experience with so called green electricity, how to subscribe and how it works - and how much it costs? Is it available throughout the country or just in the city?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend an English/French-speaking business that will build a bathroom in a cellar? Work would include: masonry, woodwork, plumbing (including modifying waste pipes), electrical work, fittings and floor laying? Pretty much creating a new room, in fact.Finishing touches I can do myself - tiling, etc.. - so 'clé en main' is not an option I am really interested in...I look forward to your replies!Regards,D. Brandon

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