started by: mylux · last update: 1299435741 · posted: 1299250444

We are redoing part of the bathroom. If anyone can bring me in contact with a decent tiler, I would very much appreciate it.

started by: magnet-5236 · last update: 1298029365 · posted: 1298029365

Hi, We have a fabric sofabed that we need repairing. The structure is good but fabric has been scratched by our cat. Does anyone know of anyone/anywhere that could do this?Thanks

started by: Rosalie-6105 · last update: 1297175771 · posted: 1297071994

Hi I'm looking for a flat hunter to help us find a flat in Luxembourg. Any recommendation appreciated.R.

started by: Delco · last update: 1291381306 · posted: 1291381306

Does anyone know where I can buy a spare belt for my washing machine? Any specialised shop?

started by: LUTTER11 · last update: 1289903092 · posted: 1289903092

Looking for home delivery of bottled drinking.

started by: strass8008 · last update: 1288795582 · posted: 1288795582

Does anybody know where I can buy foam to make cushions? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

started by: Tim-5278 · last update: 1286984830 · posted: 1286952904

Wondering if fuel is sold at the price valid at the day of the order or of the delivery? Important as prices change rather quickly...

started by: rugbyfan-5698 · last update: 1285955442 · posted: 1285955442

We'll be moving to Echternach mid-October. Can someone tell us if it's possible to set up a Sky satellite connection there?All the necessary equipment, dish, cards, etc will travel with us from the UK. Are local TVs compatible?

started by: jmcnally · last update: 1282816240 · posted: 1282735320

Does anybody know of an English speaking carpenter? I need some railings made for the top of a staircase. Thanks

started by: bobthebuilder-5020 · last update: 1282567677 · posted: 1280666977

Where do you think I should go for non-standard size Venetian blinds?

started by: strass8008 · last update: 1277887307 · posted: 1277196483

Does anyone have any experience of either using carpet cleaning firms or do you know place I can rent the equipment to do it myself? Thanks

started by: The Expatresse · last update: 1277813670 · posted: 1274451235

Are they legal in Luxembourg City? I've seen them in Strassen. Not roosters. Just hens. You know . . . for the eggs.

started by: Hope-5091 · last update: 1277228066 · posted: 1276427840

HELP!!! We're fighting against an army of drugstore beetles. They seem really tough... although we cleaned everything with Dettol and put all the food in closed cased, we can't get rid of them. Has anyone had the same problem? What should we do? What chemical products really work?I looked the problem up in Google and some people seem to fight for months against these beetles.We're really desperate. Thanks for your help.

started by: Delco · last update: 1276458311 · posted: 1276017508

We have acquired a piece of land to the side of our house that needs to be levelled with some topsoil. Would anyone know where to find soil, the approximate cost of it and how to have it delivered?

started by: Chantelle-5198 · last update: 1275084005 · posted: 1275036353

I just cleaned my oven with one of these sprays you buy in supermarkets. I know that they are quite toxic, but this time I thought I was going to die (well almost...). Are there any eco and human friendly products and where would you find them? Actually eventhough I washed and re-washed the oven with clean water afterwards, I'm still not convinced that it's healthy to use it right now.

started by: The Expatresse · last update: 1274451134 · posted: 1274302493

Two of my dining room chairs were damaged in the move here.Can anyone recommend someone handy with wood who could repair them? Or perhaps a seamstress who can make slipcovers?

started by: bro_mitch · last update: 1274192332 · posted: 1274192332

I want to use my laptop but have a bigger screen when working from my home office, have seen it done but haven't worked out how, can anyone help please.

started by: surrey-4992 · last update: 1273763690 · posted: 1273594663

Hi, Looking for someone to help with emptying a house, possibly a vide-grenier. Nothing really worth anything.

started by: bob-5249 · last update: 1272983763 · posted: 1272482603

i went to a really good garden centre in Cactus but does anyone know if there are any others?

started by: bobthebuilder-5020 · last update: 1272365512 · posted: 1272238295

Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable pool alarm or system which is easily installed and doesn't wake up the whole neighbourhood every time a fly lands on the water. Thanks

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