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Can anyone tell me: I am going to move to Esch neighbourhood. Currently I live Luxembourg city. Is it at all possible to take the same phone number with me ? This is very important as this phone number is also used for professional purposes. It would be a real problem for us to get a new one. Any suggestions ?

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We are renovating our new place and have 2 small panels of asbestos/cement insulation to dispose of. Can anyone tell me, please, where I can do this in the Mersch area.

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Looking for fair priced gas hob and microwave oven in reasonable condition, color not important. Just for temporary use.Alternatively a decent cooker (not too bulky, must fit is a caravan) but must have gas rings for bottled gas.

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Hi there,Can anyone recommend someone who can install satellite dishes, potentially on a roof? I would prefer English speaking, but am happy to talk French if need be.I already have a receiver, I just need the dish and cables to be installed.Many thanks,D. Brandon

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Have I done something wrong? It is the second time I am putting my blue bags outside and they don't pick them up - the rest of the street have been collected. Cheers.

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Hi - just moved to Lux. Looking to buy a load of firewood. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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We are considering using new energies for our house. Would someone know a good, reliable and not too expensive professional to carry out an energy diagnostic and recommend/organise works to be carried out.

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What should I do with my Christmas tree ? Do they pick them up through normal rubbish collection?

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Is garden waste also collected during the winter season ?

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Hi chaps, do u know where I can find Christmas trees? The real ones.

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