Cat Hotel Lost our Cat - Any Legal Recourse?

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Any ideas for help!!?? The Cat Hotel in Schuttrange lost 1 of our cats whilst 2 of them were staying there for 5 days. They did not inform us until he was already lost for 4 days and now they are not even helping us to look for him (so as not to harm their reputation I assume). Any ideas how we can find the cat (we have put up flyers, adverts online, searched the area and notified vets, notified ChipID etc). Also do we have any recourse under Lux law or business regulations? (I have contacted the consumer association UCL and am waiting to hear from them). Any other ideas? I am wondering if there is any way to get the Lux authorities to initiate a review of whether they are capable of (and registered to) run a pet sitting business? I asked if they have ever lost a cat before and if they have insurance to pay for a pet finder etc but they refused to answer...


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Our mising cat answers to the name of Pips, 2 year old tabby lost by Cat Hotel in Schuttrange/Munsbach area but normally lives in Merl (lux city). Limps on his front right paw, reward offered for safe return!! Please contact us with any information, thanks!

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I'm very very sorry to hear about your cat. Maybe she'll try to get back home from Schuttrange to Merl... unless she finds another caring person feeding her on her way and she decides to settle there.

I run the AngloINFO blog Animalife and can offer help by posting 'lost animals' in the 'news' category of the blog.

Please feel free to send a picture with a detailed description of your cat as well as your contact details to

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Sorry to hear about your cat. I hope he's still fine.

I would file a complaint at the local police. At least they could check if the business is duly registered to offer these kind of services. Otherwise I think the 'Tribunal de Commerce' would be competent...

Some time ago I missed my cat and I contacted the local 'garde-champêtre' (in charge of collecting animals found dead) to inquire about my cat. I sincerely hope that this worst scenario doesn't apply to your cat.

Carte Blanche-5975 1304903722

Hi again,

Thanks for the prompt reply and the pics. Here the ad of missing Pips:

The ad was also shared on AngloINFO Luxembourg Facebook and Twitter.

I hope this helps. Please keep us posted.

Good luck!!!

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You may post a free ad 'missing animal' on the Internet pages of 'Asile pour Animaux Dudelange' in the section 'Perdu'. Owners can fill in the blanks themselves.

Additionally I would contact RTL Radio Déiererubrik by phone to broadcast the message several times (a service that works well in Luxembourg) and to post here:

As far as I know the radio stations Eldoradio and DNR also broadcast messages about missing animals.

When my cat was missing, the local newspaper Tageblatt published an ad with picture for free.

I hope Pips will safely return home.

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In case your cat's still missing, you may wish to post a free ad on these pages of Animal Hope:

Good luck!

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STAY AWAY from Cat Hotel in Schuttrange.!! They did not lose our cat but the cat passport!! They squeeze in cats in minimum space to get maximum profit!! They do not care about their clients! All they care about is that you pay!! Cats can not go out nor do they get fresh air!!

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You'll find cats and dogs temporary accomodation in the Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals section of AngloINFO Directory here:

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Hi, i do not know which problem you have with the guys from the Cat Hotel in Schuttrange, but what you have said about the facility is definitively not true. The building is brand new. It is a low energy building with large windows. A visible ventilation system provides fresh air. The rooms are not overstaffed. My cat stayed there during Chrismas and half term holidays. When i got him back he was not stressed at all. Have you really been there or is this a kind of business competition ?


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