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Hi, I just moved to Luxembourg and I will also bring my dog soon. She's a 2.5 years old Beagle female. She is a happy and playful dog, but also obedient.  I will travel a lot this year and I need someone to stay with her or take her over while I travel. I live in Fentange. Please let me know if interested.        


georgecsako 1421076279

Hi Laura!


I am inetersted in dog walking. I have now a lot of free time.

Is the thing actually?



LauraZ-990991 1421084620

Hi George, 

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Yes, the offer is open. Actually the dog is not here yet. I will import her in aprox 2 months. 

Because my job requirements involve traveling at least 5-6 days /month I will need someone to take care of my dog while I'm gone. Are you interested in taking her at you 2-3 days twice a month? 

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juliebryson 1421106836

Hi laura, I would be happy to look after her. I have lots of experience looking after animals. I can be very flexible with time.



LauraZ-990991 1421138431

Hi Julie, 

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If you are available and can take care of my dog for 2-3 days twice a month I think we should meet and talk details. 

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jane mary mathew 1421334798

Hi Laura,


I am willing to look after your dog at my place. I have two beagles (one male and female - 3.5 yrs, male dog neutererd) and they are friendly. In exchange would it be possible for you to keep mine with you when I am travelling?

my email


tmiceli 1421604228

Hi, Laura!!


i just moved to Lux, too, with my husband.  We have had to leave our dog with the in-laws and I miss her terribly!!!  I am not working at the moment and I have a lot of free time and would love to take care of your dog whenever you needed.  I am also a qualified Veterinary Surgeon so your dog would be in good hands.  :-)


All the Best,

LauraZ-990991 1421606875

Hi Theresa, 

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I will contact you as soon as I manage to bring my dog here. I don't want to stress her traveling by plane and I need to buy a car. This will happen in Feb. 

My apartment is in Fentange but even if your place is not in the area it wouldn't be a problem to bring her to your place. 





juliebryson 1424375952

Hi laura,

Yes we can meet and discuss details. Email me




Mags-912769 1509963431


I'm looking for someone to take care of a dog that I don't have yet, we go away 5 times per year for either 1 week or 2 weeks. In the summer a bit longer. Need someone with a garden. I can either exchange or pay.


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